11 most high-priced CSGO skins in 2023: Knives, AK-47, AWP & more

CS:GO is a casino game of ability and teamwork – and a casino game high in extremely costly skins. They are the absolute most high priced skins in CS:GO at the time of 2023, a few of them reaching to the thousands of bucks.

CS:GO is an iconic FPS, understood for tight gunplay and strategy. But, its enduring appeal can be because of its expansive trading marketplace for skins along with other in-game things. From tools and knives to character cosmetic makeup products, badges, situations, and stickers, players can flaunt a myriad of modification choices.

With a lot of skins, and some eye-watering rates, it could be confusing in the beginning to a fresh player why is a skin valuable, and exactly why folks are ready to spend a great deal. So let’s break it down and appear at most high priced skins within the game.


  • Most high priced CS:GO skins
  • The most high-priced epidermis in CS:GO
  • Why are CS:GO skins therefore costly?
AWP Dragon Lore in CS:GO.ValveThe AWP Dragon Lore the most high priced skins in CS:GO.

Counter-Strike skins do not have inherent value: these are typically merely well worth whatever somebody is ready to spend for them – plus it simply therefore occurs that folks are able to spend a great deal. But why?

There is a variety of reasons, but the majority skins manage to get thier value through the after: Rarity, pattern type, use level, or unique faculties. Take a look at most high-priced CS:GO skins, knives, stickers and much more below, as well as why is these products therefore high priced.

Most high-priced CS:GO skins (2023)

11. AK-47 Fire Serpent: $1,000-$10,000+

ak-47 fire serpent in csgo

The AK-47 Fire Serpent is among the classic CS:GO gun skins, released all of the long ago in 2013, because of the procedure Bravo case.

Due to its classic status, and rarity, a StatTrack Factory brand new form of this epidermis probably will run you up to $10,000.

10. AK-47 crazy Lotus: $2,000-$10,000

ak-47 wild lotus

Even though it is a rather brand new epidermis, released in 2019, the crazy Lotus is through the St. Marc collection, and it is in really brief supply. You can find not as much as 3,000 as a whole blood supply.

On top of this, it merely appears amazing, which makes it really desirable. To obtain a Factory New variation of the epidermis, you need to spend over $8,000.

9. AWP Gungnir: $4,000 – $12,000

AWP GungnirValveThe Gungnir is normally the second most high-priced AWP epidermis.

One for the more recent skins with this list, the Gungnir had been put into CS:GO in 2019, within the Norse collection. There are about 3,300 as a whole blood supply.

Even a battle-scarred form of this epidermis will set you back thousands, but also for a Factory New variation, it will cost upwards of $8,000, with a few detailed for over $12,000 during the time of composing.

The Gungnir has securely changed the Desert Hydra whilst the 2nd most high-priced AWP epidermis – see below for the top AWP skin.

8. Karambit / Butterfly Knife: Sapphire – $8,000+

Karambit SapphireSapphire, Ruby and Emerald will be the many costly Doppler knives.

Due to your various stages of doppler knives, some may be notably less costly. But, if you’d like a ruby or sapphire blade, you’ll need certainly to expect you’ll drop some severe cash.

Typically Karambit and Buttlerfly Knives in Sapphire will fetch the best prices, usually over $10,000.

7. Factory New Crimson online knives: $10,000+

m9 bayonet crimson web factory newFactory brand new Crimson online knives are one of the priciest – with all the right pattern.

Like Doppler knives, numerous Crimson online knives can offer for over $10,000, if they’re Factory brand new, StatTrak, along with the right pattern. Also Karambits, M9 Bayonet Crimson Webs have actually offered for over $14,000.

The pattern can be very important to these skins due to the keeping of the webs. Factory New Crimson Webs are uncommon too, and imply that really little of the paint is scratched off.

While Karambits will be the many sought-after blade, the clean-cut M9 Bayonet is more for some people’s taste. At the very least, for starters individual, who forked out nearly $15k because of this Factory New, Crimson online iteration for the blade.

6. Sport Gloves: Vice / Pandora’s Box: $2,000 – $20,000

Sports Gloves Pandoras Box (Factory New)CS.MONEYThese Factory New Pandora’s Box gloves offered for over $8,500, and could be more now

Sport Gloves were on the list of initial 17 gloves put into CS:GO into the Glove Case update. With regards to gloves, the best are the colorful Sport Gloves. Vice gloves will frequently fetch the best cost, because of the purple Pandora’s package perhaps not far behind.

A Factory New couple of these gloves may also achieve rates since high as $20,000, but even worse use amounts typically will vary between $1,000-$6,000.

This is basically because even though it can be done getting these gloves in Factory brand new, it really is extremely uncommon to take action. There are just 92 Factory New Vice Gloves in presence.

5. Katowice 2014 Stickers (Holo): $10,000 – $50,000+

Katowice 2014 holo stickersThese exceedingly uncommon stickers will be the most high-priced in CS:GO, through the Katowice 2014 occasion.

Although we’ve mentioned various knives and gun skins right here, there was one product in CS:GO that could very well be the absolute most eye-popping with regards to cost, which is uncommon stickers. In specific, we’re talking concerning the holo stickers for 2 groups that competed at IEM Katowice 2014: Titan and iBuyPower.

Although other group stickers through the occasion, such as for instance Dignitas or LDLC, may also fetch a top cost, both of these will be the top dogs. iBuyPower had been the team that infamously got exposed for match-fixing, however the explanation the stickers became therefore high priced is clearly pretty easy.

They are extremely uncommon, particularly unapplied, therefore it’s actually an easy supply + demand problem. With therefore handful of these stickers in blood supply, their near-mythical status, while the reality they simply look good, all means you’ll most likely need certainly to pay up to $50,000 for starters among these stickers. Yes, stickers. In a video clip game.

4. M4A4 Howl: $2,000 – $30,000+

m4a4 howl csgo

The M4A4 Howl may be the only ‘Contraband’ grade skin in CS:GO, as a result of debate over ownership for the artwork. Due to this, it really is extremely uncommon.

Although some more worn models without stickers can be purchased at under $5,000, when it is a Factory New variation and StatTrak, it may fetch as much as $30,000. And, because of the costly stickers used, can offer for over $100,000.

A StatTrak Factory brand new Howl with 4 iBuyPower Holo stickers offered because of this quantity in 2020, and it is most likely worth more today.

3. AK-47 Case Hardened (661): $30,000-$100,000+

AK-47 case hardened 661RedditThis nearly completely blue Case Hardened pattern makes this AK the absolute most high priced.

Similar to Case Hardened knives, Case Hardened AK skins may also offer for excessive rates, with respect to the pattern. Although most AK-47 Case Hardened skins are merely a couple of hundred bucks, pattern number 661 has a believed value of around $30,000-$35,000.

This specific pattern ensures that a lot of the noticeable section of the gun is exact same ‘blue treasure’ appearance, which makes it extremely coveted. This website breaks down all of the blue gems in CS:GO as a handy resource.

If this AK has also Titan stickers used, it may inflate the purchase price to over $100,000. A blue treasure AK was listed for over $400,000 in 2022.

2. Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore: $100,000+

Souvenir AWP Dragon loreSouvenir variations of this AWP Dragon Lore will be the most high-priced AWP skins.

Although there are lots of costly AWP skins, the Dragon Lore is normally the absolute most high priced.

The most high-priced may be the Souvenir variations, which could fetch significantly more than $100,000 – often whenever Factory brand new. These Souvenir variations will commemorate a specific esports match, and features silver stickers because of the groups and event.

What’s the most high-priced CS:GO epidermis?

1. Karambit Case Hardened (Blue treasure): $1.5 million+

Karambit blue gem knifeThe owner of the Karambit rejected an offer of €1.2m.

This exact Case Hardened Karambit, Factory brand new, pattern 387 (blue treasure), is a very nearly mythical epidermis. It absolutely was purchased in 2016 for just a little over $100,000, it is now respected dramatically greater.

Although it’sn’t been offered yet, the owner refused an offer of €1.2m (around $1.5m USD at that time) – suggesting that for you to definitely have the ability to get it, they might need certainly to spend significantly more than $1.5 million USD.

Part for the reason behind this is certainly that the possibility of starting exactly the same blade from situations is approximately 1 in 371 million. It’s a blue treasure Karambit, the very best pattern, and it is the only person in Factory brand new condition.

Exactly why are CS:GO skins therefore costly?

Skin rarity

Whether or perhaps not one thing is considered a ‘collector’s product’ or perhaps not, at first will depend on epidermis rarity. This will be classified by tiers, of which you will find eight amounts. The most frequent grade of epidermis is ‘Consumer’ while the rarest is ‘Contraband’ (only 1 epidermis was assigned this exclusive grading).

  • Consumer (White)
  • Indsutrial (Light azure)
  • Mil-Spec (Blue)
  • Restricted (Purple)
  • Classified (Pink)
  • Covert (Red)
  • Contraband (Orange)
  • Extraordinary (Gold)

The only Contraband epidermis may be the M4A4 Howl. It absolutely was initially a Covert epidermis, but after chaos surrounding the skin’s artwork, or maybe more especially, theft of someone’s artwork, Valve accidentally created one of many rarest cosmetic makeup products in CS:GO history.

The initial design (called Howling Dawn) was plagiarized by a Steam user. After getting the poacher red-handed, Valve reworked the look and bumped up the rarity to a totally brand new category, that they appropriately called Contraband.

But why is this epidermis also rarer, is Valve stopped rolling down stock for the epidermis beyond that which was currently for sale in players’ inventories. And thus the weapon’s finish became more sought-after than in the past.

M4A4 Howling Dawn and Howl.ValveThe M4A4 Howl before (left) and after (right) the infamous Contraband ordeal and subsequent redesign.

Skin float value (wear)

Another adjustable to think about may be the use of a gun epidermis, that is calculated by its ‘float value’. Floats ranges from 0.00-1.00, with 0.00 being the very best, many pristine form of a skin, while 1.00 is considered the most used variation. This will be basically just how CS:GO cosmetic makeup products are evaluated due to their ‘condition.’

To assistance, they’re divided in to five distinct groups, each representing a particular amount of use. They are summarized below.

Float value in CS:GO.DexertoFloat value is most beneficial thought on a continuum, with Factory brand new usually being the absolute most appealing type a cosmetic may take.

Typically, the greater (lower) the float, the greater amount of high priced skin are going to be, because not merely can it be rarer, nonetheless it also appears better in-game, with less scratching, color lacking, or faded appearance.


The next consideration is a skin’s precise pattern. In CS:GO, simply because two tools have a similar epidermis, does not signify epidermis are going to be used the identical. There is certainly as much as 999 habits for different skins, while the kind can influence the worthiness.

For instance, on Fade skins, various habits has an increased portion of Fade – basically meaning more associated with the weapon or blade is covered because of the Fade color.

Pattern is very very important to Case Hardened skins, as some Case Hardened patterns need more blue in it than the others – if an instance Hardened skin has lots of blue, it is considered a “blue treasure” – exceedingly rare, and intensely high priced.

There are also certain epidermis variants that change value. As an example, the Doppler epidermis for knives has a good amount of habits that determine the purchase price. Listed here are each one of the stages that a Doppler blade might have, with period 1-4 being the most frequent (Mythical).

Each for the real Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald variants are thought ‘Legendary’ and have 100% marbleized sapphire, ruby or emerald running through their particular habits. The Ebony Pearl may be the only ‘Ancient’ knife in CS:GO and it is arguably the rarest knife pattern within the game, with a 100% pure black colored pattern period and speckles of purple and blue running right through it, making it nearly impossible to bag one for the stock.

Doppler skins in CS:GO.Valve / DexertoMythical, Legendary and Ancient variants for the Doppler (Chroma and Gamma) epidermis.

The last adjustable that tends to enhance cost, is a StatTrak™ variation of a particular weapon/knife epidermis. As you’d assume, a StatTrak™ gun or blade clocks the amount of kills received by its owner. This may often also increase the purchase price set alongside the non-StatTrak variation.

That rounds up the absolute most costly skins in CS:GO. But, the marketplace is obviously changing – and costs are usually regarding the increase, who understands just what these figures will appear like a couple of years from now.

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