Acend coach calls out Riot Games for using wrong logo in Valorant Masters promo

Acend assistant coach Milan “Milan” de Meij has called out Riot Games after they used the wrong logo for the esports organization in Valorant Masters: Copenhagen promo video.

12 teams have gathered in Copenhagen for the final Valorant Masters event of the year, and it’ll be their last chance to rake in some more VCT Circuit Points ahead of Champions in September.

As always, Riot has created videos to promote and build hype for the event. With Masters kicking off on July 10, the first of presumably many videos was released and it certainly built more hype.

However, fans and Acend’s assistant coach Milan “Milan” de Meij hit out at Riot after they used the wrong logo to represent the European esports organization in the video.

Riot GamesTeams are gathering in Copenhagen for the final Masters even of the 2022 VCT.

Despite not even being at Masters: Copenhagen, Acend was subtly featured in Riot’s video, during which the organization was acknowledged for being the winner of Valorant Champions last year.

However, in a tweet on July 10, Acend’s assistant coach Milan pointed out a huge mistake. As noted by Milan, a statue in the video — which is supposed to represent Acend – is holding a logo that has no correlation with the European organization.

As it turns out, the statue is instead holding the logo of Ascent Esports, an organization that doesn’t even compete in Valorant. “Imagine using the wrong logo in your video,” said the assistant coach.

Imagine using the wrong logo in your video #VALORANTMasters

— ACE Milan (@milanfps) July 10, 2022

Confused by how a mistake like this could happen, especially considering Acend’s won Valorant Champions last year, fans began poking fun at the editor of the video.

“Lol, someone losing their job tonight,” said one. “Nah this isn’t real,” another joked.

It’s unclear how such a big mistake like this could be made, but hopefully, it’s fixed in due time.

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