All CSGO groups qualified for BLAST Paris significant

With the RMR tournaments underway in most areas, the group list for the BLAST Paris significant is beginning to simply take form. Listed here are most of the groups that may play in CS:GO’s final significant.

Over the coming week, the group list for the BLAST.tv Paris significant are determined. Copenhagen, Monterrey and Ulaanbaatar are hosting the Regional significant Ranking tournaments (RMR) in European countries, Americas and Asia-Pacific, that will whittle down the field of groups from 56 to simply 24 for the ultimate significant into the history of CS:GO.

Due to the region’s energy, the European RMR could be the the one that will qualify probably the most groups for the main, 17, accompanied by the Americas while the APAC RMRs, with five and two, correspondingly.

Stephanie Lindgren/ESL Gaming via ESPATNAVI secured the initial spot during the BLAST Paris significant

All three RMRs are usually underway, with matches broadcast on BLAST’s Twitch and YouTube stations. Instead, you’ll proceed with the action on BLAST’s very own watching platform, BLAST.tv, that provides lots of interactive features, including real time stats, timelines, and polls.

The BLAST.tv Paris significant will start on May 8 aided by the Challengers Stage. The Legends Stage will start five times later on and can run until might 16, aided by the Champions Stage, held in the front of a crowd during the Accor Arena in Bercy, planned for May 18-21.

right here are typical the groups that have qualified for the BLAST Paris significant. Record are updated as more groups earn spots during the occasion.

All CS:GO groups qualified for BLAST Paris Significant:


  • NAVI (Legend)
  • Fnatic (Legend)
  • Into the Breach (Legend)
  • Bad News Eagles (TBD *)
  • GamerLegion (TBD *)

Note: A team with an asterisk nevertheless has to play a seeding match to find out if they begin in the Challengers or the Legends stage.



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