Apex Legends fans celebrate the long-awaited return of Olympus

Olympus ended up being eliminated during the outset of Apex Legends Season 16 because of some difficulties with the map that have been causing game crashes. Fans are rejoicing given that the map has abruptly came back.

When it absolutely was put into Apex Legends, Olympus ended up being a breath of outdoors compared to King’s Canyon and World’s Edge. Its sky-high environment, upscale architecture, and mixture of available areas and tight corridors created for some great firefights.

However, when Season 16 released, Olympus needed to be eliminated because of a game-breaking problem utilizing the map. This triggered World’s Edge yet again being thrust in to the rated map rotation after currently being played for the higher section of 2 months within the last split.

Apex Legends fans have sorely missed the map as it was removed… as yet, that is. Olympus ended up being abruptly added straight back with no caution, alongside the production associated with Sun Squad Collection Event.

Olympus makes an abrupt come back to Apex Legends

There’s a great deal to love about Olympus. Through the numerous worthwhile POIs to secure to the higher level motion technology found by players that allows them outpace and outplay opponents, it is no key why this map can be so respected.

Years taken from Olympus being added, it is nevertheless a fan-favorite map and something that individuals will always excited to relax and play in. Where Storm aim and cracked Moon have actually their reasonable share of detractors, it is difficult to get whoever hates Olympus.

That caused it to be even more unfortunate once the map needed to be taken from Apex Legends, changed by maps that fans had been well and truly sick and tired of playing on. But, Olympus ended up being instantly added back to the overall game.


— SoaR Dray (@draynilla) March 28, 2023

Apex Legends fans noticed the map ended up being back within the ranked rotation anytime hopping on to look at the big event. Considering ‘OLYMPUS IS BACK’ in all-caps ended up being trending on Twitter, the return with this map could have more buzz behind it compared to the occasion itself.

Unfortunately, Olympus doesn’t have actually a protracted stint in the rated map rotation after it is been gone for way too long. People who wish to hop into rated and farm RP on Olympus will need to work fast when they wish to have fun with the map before it rotates out.

Don’t stress though; it’ll be straight back. It looks like Olympus is back within the rotation for the forseeable future.

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