BenQ EX270QM video gaming monitor review: High refresh rate & price

The BenQ Mobiuz EX270QM is very a costly monitor, but did it actually justify its near $800 cost label amongst multiple excellent video gaming monitors?

After two weeks with all the brand new 3rd into the monitor arrangement cluttering the desk, BenQ’s Mobiuz EX270QM has proven some things. One is BenQ’s capacity to place a monitor together is practically unparalleled. Two, Microsoft’s Windows HDR remains an oddity rather than become trusted. The 3rd is this monitor is nowhere near worth its selling price.

Key specifications

  • Screen size: 27-inches
  • Panel type: IPS
  • Resolution: 2560×1440
  • Brightness: 600 nits (top)
  • Contrast ratio: 1000:1
  • Refresh rate: 240Hz
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Color gamut: 98% DCI-P3
  • Connectivity: DisplayPort 1.4 x1, HDMI 2.1 x 1
  • Price: $799

Included into the box: EX270QM monitor, Power cable & regional sockets, HDMI 2.1 cable, DisplayPort 1.4 cable


BenQ’s Mobiuz design does not turn us down like plenty of video gaming visual items. The harsh sides and Ed Hardy-esque futuristic design is held concealed at the rear of the panel and not encroach regarding the front side.

In reality, the leading panel is this superb flat working surface, with a minor bezel surrounding it, where looking down is the actual only real clue it’s made the decision of pandering to gamers.

Even with this particular stated, the stand, which seems like it might just take an eye out – and very nearly did during setup – is not simply created for looks. It feels firm and was easier than you think to clip on alone.

However, monitor manufacturers continue to be placing ports beneath the display screen. Although we didn’t connect this to a VESA mount for use on an arm, we’re able to view it being more very theraputic for comfortable access. There’s a USB hub regarding the base, which links through USB-B and it is combined with two USB-A 3.0 ports. Although we wouldn’t utilize these for storage space purposes, operating the ever-growing quantity of add-ons is helpful.

Panel quality

The EX270QM is a 240Hz monitor with a 1440p display, one which never truly pops such as the competition in identical market. After hours of fiddling with all the display settings, there never ever ended up being a defined environment that did actually work out.

It’s not that games weren’t clear, or videos and pictures didn’t look directly on the display screen, nevertheless when set alongside the other three panels available to us during assessment, it felt want it had sacrificed the nuance associated with the display screen into the title of energy.

BenQ’s HDR is not the maximum in the world. We ought to understand, since it is our 4K, 60Hz panel from around 2018. Between deploying it for the Xbox Series S and a PC since we got it with this Computer, this has constantly checked odd when utilizing HDR. Colors that needs to be searching juicier on the display screen are constantly a country mile off through the desired outcomes.

right here, it seems they’re still employing the same HDRi technology to straight back their color technology plus it nevertheless looks beaten up. Searching through BenQ’s marketing materials and evaluations, it appears this may end up being the desired impact.

Either method, after several hours with all the initial form of Dead Space and Crysis Remastered, it had been securely switched off in Windows and through the monitor it self.

Gaming performance

It’s unfortunate that the panel quality does not have behind, as winning contests on the EX270QM is blissful. Unless you take a seat with a top refresh price monitor like this, you never realize just how much you’ve possibly missed away on.

We’re maybe not stating that your video gaming abilities will straight away leap through the roof, but aiming into the different first-person shooters (Counter-Strike, Destiny 2, and Half-Life 1) felt far smoother and much more normal when comparing to the 75Hz on the LG Ultrawide sat beside it.

This is where in fact the BenQ monitor earns its stripes properly, because once you’re deep into a casino game, there’s no heading back. As soon as you’ve sat right in front of a monitor where every thing, even down seriously to what sort of mouse glides over the display screen or oddities from the Steam collection seems a great deal much better than their reduced refresh price counterparts.

However, we did commence to notice something as we left the conventional ranges of 60Hz to 144Hz. 165Hz and 240Hz, both more than average for this branch of a gaming monitor, have actually minimal effect on the general experience. At no point had been we pining for 240Hz, nor did we come across much advantage in making use of it over 144Hz.

It’s like a plateau is struck and despite 360Hz, and even 600Hz current, we couldn’t perhaps suggest seeking them out because, at the conclusion associated with the time, you’re just likely to begin observing exactly how small distinction it creates into the moment-to-moment action on display screen, unless you’re a keen-eyed esports pro.

Should you purchase it?

At almost $800, the Mobiuz EX270QM from BenQ does indeedn’t commence to justify its cost as soon as the primary attraction – 240Hz – is not that a great deal more useful than 144Hz for many gamers.

whilst the video gaming experience and gratification are great, additionally the help for HDMI 2.1 is a good bonus, it hardly ever really coalesces into a thing that is like it is well worth such a top cost. Specially when you appear around and find out your competition – and sometimes even BenQ’s very own repertoire being offered.

To esports players, that difference between 240Hz and 144Hz is monumental. Nevertheless, there are further, free improvements regarding the computer software part, like Nvidia Reflex, that will be why is or breaks a go by the end associated with the time.

We had a blast playing about it, but its rates becomes its Achilles heel. You will find better panels available somewhere else.

Verdict – 3/5

This screen is a supremely great unit to try out games on, marred by problems with HDR and color precision. As soon as BenQ concerns its sensory faculties and starts to reduce the purchase price on a monitor similar to this, that’s when we’d tell grab it.

For now, 144Hz, 1440p monitors are a dime-a-dozen and that can be located at reduced expenses.

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