Bizarre Overwatch 2 bug apparently renders players "in debt" with a poor stability

Overwatch 2 players are reporting a problem where – after buying epidermis packs or individual cosmetic makeup products – their in-game coin balance adopts negatives and renders them “in debt.”

With Overwatch 2 moving up to free-to-play, a more impressive focus is placed on the in-game game shop. Although the first Overwatch provided players the opportunity to grind away games for cosmetic makeup products and differing character skins in loot bins, Overwatch 2 is making many of these products just available via direct purchase.

However, it would appear that difficulties with the in-game shop happen to be just starting to appear. Across Reddit, players are reporting that after buying a product, a bug then puts them “in debt,” with all the implication they then need certainly to buy more coins to be able to settle up their account.

One player commented that a method to “temporarily fix” the problem is simply by restarting the overall game whenever this dilemma appears. But also for the minute, there is apparently no permanent area or fix at this time with time.

Others were showcasing that this might be due to players refunding money, a way that famous brands Diablo Immortal used in comparable situations. But, the ball player whom reported the issue responded and claimed they hadn’t refunded any such thing.

This is not the only real bug to affect Overwatch 2. Since launch, the overall game has faced host dilemmas, difficulties with merging records, and long delay times for all those queuing up.

Time will inform if designer Blizzard addresses this brand new in-game money problem and when you will have a far more permanent fix for the negative stability issue in Overwatch 2.

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