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Blacklist Overseas Acquires RSG DPC place

Blacklist Overseas materialized their relocate to Dota expert scene by acquiring the DPC spot of RSG in SEA DPC Division 1.

After a brief amount of doubt and conjecture, Blacklist finally made its relocate to Dota. They kept every thing under wraps while dropping subdued tips about their entry to Dota expert scene.

The latest move Blacklist made had been acquiring RSG DPC spot into the water DPC Division 1.

First action guaranteed. I’d like to formally announce that Tier One Entertainment has obtained RSG’s slot into the Division among the next dpc season. #DPC #DOTA2

— Tryke Gutierrez (@trykegutierrez) November 17, 2022

Blacklist’s relocate to secure the location had been established by their CEO, Tryke Gutierrez. Their maneuvers to enter the Dota scene had been well-known by their subdued tips times ahead of the statement. He started asking about seats towards the Overseas 11 and reminisced the occasions he’d into the scene before.

With this statement, Blacklist’s moms and dad business, Tier One activity, secured the very first relocate to enter DPC.

However, the purchase had been just the start of their action within the Dota scene. The Philippines-based group would nevertheless need certainly to get a roster worthy of these title. As a mainstay company into the water area, a fantastic roster could be crucial to help keep the legacy regarding the brand name.

Many names had been speculated become joining them, with one of these being TIMS, the ex-soft help of BOOM Esports.

TIMS himself was dropping tips about what group he’d join next. He posted silhouettes of a few heroes, rumored to end up being the signature heroes of their teammates.

The just familiar heroes into the silhouette could be Chen, Venomancer, Terrorblade, Puck, and Earthshaker. With TIMS’ propensity to try out Earthshaker, it might be safe to assume the hero represented himself into the silhouette.

Many idea that it was a subtle hint by TIMS to become listed on Blacklist International’s roster.

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