Brand new contemporary Warfare 2 accessory tuning function disabled simply times after launch

Modern Warfare 2’s gun tuning is disabled following breakthrough of a bug that is crashing the overall game for players with five accessories on the tools. 

This may be the second significant problem which has triggered extensive crashing, aided by the party system staying at fault initially.

While that problem ended up being patched up in one day or more, there’s absolutely no set schedule for whenever tuning will likely to be reenabled, so individuals will need to drop in with the bottom variation of whatever accessory is on the weapon. 

We are disabling accessory tuning until further notice to research crashes for users with 5 accessories tuned. In The Event That You now have a tuned accessory prepared, you will have to unequip and reequip it to make use of your loadout.

— Infinity Ward (@InfinityWard) October 29, 2022

For that accessory to be of good use though, they’ve to unequip and re-equip it making sure that this brand new modification may take impact. Otherwise, the accessories will presumably run with blanked-out stats, making them totally worthless.

We provides an update whenever the problem happens to be solved and Infinity Ward provides all-clear for fans to leap back the modification menu and commence tailoring their loadout just how they desire. 

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