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Ceb Losing Streak a stress for Old G

Ever since their return, Ceb is on a lengthy shedding streak, which can be a stress for the Old G fans.

Although Old G effectively managed to get towards the Closed Qualifier, their current outcome worries the fans. They destroyed one game against Unity Esports, which contained just general public players with Immortal Ranks of 1000~.

Their concerns had been becoming more intense after seeing Ceb’s losing streak in their match history.

The recent shedding streak ended up being seen by Qojqva after seeing Ceb’s match history while streaming. It seems Ceb have been losing for quite a while, nearly 8-losing streak after their comeback with Old G.

Not just their current shedding streak, but Ceb ended up being additionally seen with a less than stellar winrate recently.

Ceb’s winrate into the current eight times ended up being quite serious, with just 42per cent centered on monitoring by Dota2ProTracker by Stratz. Their rustiness is visible as you component that might create Old G maybe not be eligible for the Closed Qualifier.

Their opponents had been quite well-known into the scene during the Closed Qualifier, including the famous ex-Ad Finem players.

Old G will face the most recent losers of this 4th DPC WEU 2023 Open Qualifier’s Grand Final on nineteenth December 2022. Numerous predicted them to take over the qualifier in the beginning, quickly visiting the 2023 WEU DPC Division 2.

However, aided by the current revelation of Ceb’s battle, numerous had been doubting their forecast and chances.

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