Charge ASAP Zeus review: This 270W GaN charger is a portable powerhouse

Charge ASAP’s Zeus Charger is a strong multi-device charger that gives 270W of energy in a tight type element.

Chargers are seldom the type of items to get stoked up about, but every occasionally we allow ourselves get caught up only a little.

Phones, pills, Steam Decks, and laptop computers all need juice, even though there are lots of choices that will charge numerous products simultaneously, a new Kickstarter could just be providing the smartest choice yet — with the Zeus Charger from Charge ASAP the world’s smallest GaN (Gallium Nitrate) charger with 270W production. But, should you back it?

Key specifications

  • 1x USB-A ports (36w), 3x USB-C (100w and 140w)
  • Price: $109
  • Where to get: Kickstarter

What’s in the container: Zeus Charger, region-specific adapters, textile travel case



The Charge ASAP Zeus Charger is a tight unit who has a curved, rectangular exterior casing with ports at one end, and room for an included AC adapter during the other. Which could appear ridiculous since in the event that you’ve seen a charger before, you’ll understand what you may anticipate, however with most of the ports at one end, you may well be wondering if there’s a danger of overcrowding (numerous chargers like this offer ports regarding the part). Within our assessment, though, it is completely sized to prevent cables getting back in just how of other cables.

It’s interestingly weighty, too, and seems well-built. As the Zeus Charger has a glossy finish at this time, the group at Charge ASAP told Dexerto that it’ll be switched to a matte choice during mass manufacturing after a study of backers.

Zeus Charger in a reviewer's hand.Dexerto

Charge ASAP additionally noted that the adapter is better to eliminate and switch for any other choices, however in our time along with it, we never ever felt it absolutely was extremely hard to adjust. If you’re a MacBook individual, the white color undoubtedly seems “Apple-appropriate”, too.


Zeus Charger showing ports and OLED displayDexerto

Once upon a period, it had been sufficient for a charger to simply, well, cost. Utilizing the advent of quick charging, plus power-hungry products just like the Steam Deck, things have actually gotten a tad bit more complex – and demanding.

Thankfully, the Zeus charger is significantly more than prepared. You can find four ports regarding the straight back associated with the charger, with two 100W USB-C ports, aswell as a 140W option. There’s even space for a USB-A slot with 36W on the reverse side.

Wondering just how quickly things are asking? The Zeus provides a tiny OLED display that presents production per slot, as much as a complete of 270W.

If you’ve got among the latest MacBook professional or comparable with fast asking, you’ll not merely have the ability to charge it at complete rate, it is possible to charge three of those simultaneously, but still have actually space for an iPhone or Nintendo change.

Should you get it?

It seems similar to a watershed minute for portable charging, and it’ll be interesting to observe how the group at Charge ASAP evolves it in the long run. Irrespective, this might be probably one of the most fully-featured and impressive chargers that we’ve seen come to advertise.

The Kickstarter is still earnestly rolling, so there’s plenty of the time to join board. At $119 for just one charger, it is perhaps perhaps not the lowest priced, but comparatively, to gathering a lot of chargers to complete a similar thing, it is really cheaper than you’d think – and really worth a look.

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