Contemporary Warfare 2 devs respond after Season Two randomly removes killcams

Infinity Ward have actually answered after February 15’s Season Two change arbitrarily eliminated killcams from specific multiplayer modes in Contemporary Warfare 2. 

Season Two of Contemporary Warfare had been long-anticipated, bringing and endless choice of modifications to your yearly instalment. 

 a vintage Hardcore mode finally came, because did a Treyarch-developed rated mode. 

However, the upgrade additionally resulted in some unintended effects by means of insects and problems impacting the typical player’s experience. 

One that has been quickly noticed by players had been the elimination of killcams from specific modes. Highlighted by a fan via Reddit, they stated: “After this latest upgrade my killcam is finished entirely. This really is in Moshpit, fast Enjoy, and Ground War.” 

Now, the devs have actually answered. 

Infinity Ward answer after MW2 Season Two eliminates killcams

In a February 19 tweet, they stated: “We’re investigating why Killcams are disabled in certain game Modes.”

They would not explain especially which modes have now been impacted, but reports from players suggest that the bug is pretty extensive. It seems to be plaguing players on all platforms. 

? We’re investigating why Killcams are disabled in certain game Modes. For The Time Being, you’ll monitor real time dilemmas via our Trello board right here:

— Infinity Ward (@InfinityWard) February 19, 2023

No timescale had been supplied by the designers but, now the problem is being examined, we could a cure for a speedy spot into the coming days or months. 

Given the presumed severity of this problem – inadvertently getting rid of a core CoD multiplayer mechanic – it could need a heftier spot than a few of the hotfixes we’ve seen quickly implemented in Season Two’s instant aftermath. 

For a complete notion of the insects the growth group are monitoring (and ideally resolving), you should check out of the dedicated Modern Warfare 2 Trello Board.

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