Contemporary Warfare 2 players torn after devs block replies on Twitter

The Contemporary Warfare 2 community is split after Infinity Ward designers blocked replies on Twitter – in spite of promises that they’ll pay attention to players.

Modern Warfare two has received its reasonable share of critique since its 2022 launch, aided by the community criticizing multiple areas of the overall game during the last couple of months.

Recently, we’ve seen players hit away at the reporting system as many continue steadily to have trouble with “false bans.” Also, we’ve seen players using aim at “horrendous” longshot challenges.

Now the community is yet again frustrated, this time around aided by the devs’ decision to block replies on the tweets.

In a January 6 Reddit thread, CoD fan ‘Most_Reason7461’ kicked down a discussion which has split town after noting that the devs blocked replies for some of these tweets.

“We’ve done it dudes! We bullied IW into disabling replies with their tweets. Plenty for paying attention to players,” they said.

“Nothing of value ended up being lost. They didn’t listen prior to,” one player had written. “IW hasn’t heard players since Infinite Warfare. It’s one of many factors why We dislike IW when compared with Treyarch and Raven, at the very least they you will need to listen and communicate,” another included.

“Now comes the reason of ‘The community is simply too toxic so we don’t need certainly to pay attention to their feedback’. Just as if they ever cared about our feedback,” said one.

On the other side, numerous players jumped to protect the devs. “Let’s be real tho, was anybody really saying any such thing constructive or coherent on Twitter?” a new player joked.

“Well the city brought this on by themselves. Perhaps don’t send death threats towards the devs the next time lol.”

It’s a tricky problem, with feedback crucial in every video gaming environment but devs additionally entitled to doing their jobs without anxiety about intimidation or acrimony.

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