Contemporary Warfare 2 players want “awesome” kill-streak free Shipment playlist straight back

Call of Duty Vanguard, Contemporary Warfare 2019 Cold War introduced limited-time playlists without any killstreaks, and Contemporary Warfare 2 players want a return.

Infinity Ward re-introduced Shipment in Season 1 reloaded. Contemporary Warfare 2 players praised the Shipment remake for getting rid of the capability to climb up along with delivery containers. Decreased verticality transforms the fan-favorite map into a chaotic scramble on the ground.

Shipment’s latest iteration puts the battle along with a ship during a storm. it is just a matter of the time before we come across a Shoot the Ship playlist cut back, featuring Shipment and Shoot home on an endless cycle.

First impressions of Shipment have now been overwhelmingly good, however some fans questioned if games would be better without any killstreaks.

Activision contemporary Warfare 2 players have actually praised the re-imagined form of Shipment.

Modern Warfare 2 players want killstreak-free playlist right back

A Reddit user posed a concept, “here is a concept, a Shipment playlist with no killstreaks.”

The Contemporary Warfare 2 player continued, “it’s currently a rampage, so we don’t need mortars constantly bashing us while we spawn.”

Community members chimed in, voicing an identical belief.

Face down had been a three versus three-game mode where players respawned after death, with no scorestreaks had been permitted. The Mode starred in Cold War and contemporary Warfare 2019. Vanguard additionally showcased a playlist without any killstreaks permitted.

One player reacted, “I’d really never ever pay MW2 should they dropped a Face Off mode also remotely as fun because it was at Call of Duty Cold War.”

A second commenter included, “So Barebones through the older COD games? Love it.”

Some players are sick and tired of killstreaks on Shipment, as a third individual reported, “I legitimately can’t play it as a result of killstreaks. It’s an unbearable experience, and I also am legitimately perplexed as to just how anybody willingly subjects themselves to it.” 

Nothing will prevent Shipment from being a fan-favorite map, but contemporary Warfare 2 players want a new experience.

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