Corsair Katar Elite Wireless review: Elite in name, elite in nature

The Corsair Katar Elite Wireless is the newest top-of-the-line lightweight wireless gaming mouse, and it’s here to make a statement.

After releasing both the Katar Pro Wireless and the Katar Pro Ultralight two years ago, Corsair is combining the best of both worlds with the new Katar Elite Wireless.

Corsair is looking to contend for the top spot in the competitive arena of wireless gaming mice. It’s affordable, sleek, lightweight, and comfortable. This potent cocktail makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious users looking to get high performance, without breaking the bank.

Key specs

  • Weight: 69g
  • Connectivity: USB-C, 2.4 GHz wireless, Bluetooth
  • Buttons: 6
  • Sensor: Corsair Marksman Optical Sensor
  • Maximum DPI: 26,000
  • Polling rate: up to 2,000Hz hyper-polling
  • Battery life: up to 110 hours
  • Features: Corsair Slipstream wireless connection
  • Price: $79.99

Included in the box: Corsair Katar Elite Wireless, USB Wireless receiver, Type-C to Type-A charge cable, Warranty Guide, Quick Start Guide.

The Corsair Katar Elite Wireless is minimalistic and lightweight, perfect for every gamer.


The Corsair Katar Elite Wireless is pretty minimalistic. On the outside, the mouse is similar to its predecessors, adopting the same compact and symmetrical design we’ve seen in the past.

It’s coated with a stylish and sleek black finish and features an RGB Corsair logo towards the back of the shell. RGB can be controlled through Corsair’s iCUE software. The branding ‘// KATAR’ can also be seen written along the left mouse button.

Additional RGB lighting is also located around the button just behind the scroll wheel, which has multi-purpose functionality and can be used as an indicator of battery life, profile or DPI setting. It’s fairly minimal, and that’s what we like to see, rather than an explosion of RGB, just waiting to drain battery life.

Its comfort and quality are immediately noticeable too. Weighing in at just 69g, the Corsair Katar Elite Wireless is extremely lightweight and is more than ideal for both claw and fingertip grippers. All six of the Corsair Quickstrike buttons can be programmed to do just about anything, too.

The underside of the Katar Elite Wireless has your basic on/off switch, as well as the Bluetooth connectivity option. The mouse also features a removable cover, which underneath acts as a neat little storage compartment for the USB receiver. And with onboard profile storage, button remaps and custom macros can be saved to make it easy on the go.

With or without the RGB backlighting, you’ll get up to 60 hours of battery life using the hyper-fast, ultra-stable Slipstream wireless, which allows for a sub-1ms connection. Alternatively, you’ll get up to 110 hours using Bluetooth connectivity.

The Corsair iCUE app makes it easy to change the Katar Elite Wireless to your liking.


It’s as easy as plugging and playing with Katar Elite Wireless, and similarly to other Corsair peripherals, the mouse can be controlled through the iCUE app, where you can easily tune it however you please.

iCUE is simple to navigate, and it’s straightforward to set up profiles, change DPI levels, modify hardware lighting, or do whatever else you may need to do. If you have a full Corsair setup, it’s a great piece of software that doesn’t impact your PC too much, and integrates nicely with dozens of other products.


The Katar Elite Wireless is agile, allowing for quick and precise movement. And along with its impressive 60 to 110 hours of battery life, there’s no need to worry about charging it often. The mouse features sleep and power-saving modes which can be changed in the iCUE app. You won’t be worrying about running out of juice during a clutch ever again.

Gaming Performance

Putting it to the test in games like Valorant and Apex Legends, there was absolutely no sign of any latency while playing. As a first-person shooter fan, being able to aim precisely is crucial, and the Katar Elite Wireless does great at accommodating that.

With extreme precision, low-friction PTFE glide pads, Slipstream wireless technology, and the Marksman optical sensor with polling rates of up to 2,000Hz, flicking between heads is absolutely no problem.

The Quickstrike buttons not only feel great and satisfying to use but also ensure your clicks are faster than ever with OMRON switches.

Should you buy it?

The Corsair Katar Elite Wireless is a fantastic option if you’re in the market for a new mouse. The best part is, it’s not going to break the bank either, sitting at a more than reasonable price. It’s excellent value for the product you’re getting actually getting. And among its competitors, such as the Logitech G Pro Superlight and Deathadder V3 Pro this mouse will definitely stand out in the crowd.


For $79.99, it’s an absolute no-brainer to pick up the Katar Elite Wireless. It’s affordable, high-quality, and lightweight — an excellent fit for any PC gamer.

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