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The PUBG Global Championship (PMGC) 2022 will begin on Nov. 10. This years competition is larger than ever with 48 groups contending during the league phase. Utilizing the three invitees to your grand finals, a complete of 51 groups will fight within the PMGC 2022.

The PMGC 2022 got split between your league and also the grand last. The league phase ended up being split further in groups, within the success stage plus in the past possibility.

PMGC 2022: Group stage format and all sorts of three teams.

The group’s longest phase could be the PMGC 2022. It will require three days from Thursday to Sunday from Nov. 10 to 27. The 48 groups had been divided up into three teams, Red, Green, Yellow, and 18 groups each with this phase.

The team phase team game had been conceived on Oct. 26. Every team will compete in the team phase by two-weeks. The calendar is the identical: the next:

  • Sept. 10 to 13. Red team: Item.
  • Sept. 17-20: Green Group.
  • From 24 to 27 Nov.

every week, the groups will play six matches each day for a complete of 24. The utmost effective three groups are likely to achieve the finals. The underside five is from the PMGC. The rest of the eight groups will advance towards the success phase.

The teams have been in the next group:

Red Group

Green Group

Yellow Group

Which component could be the number of the PMGC League phases?

All three teams are stacked most abundant in skilled group on the planet. One team, but, is particularly fabled for being too overpowered, group green. Its likely the number of fatalities within the PMGC League. The 2 teams that immediately be noticed are Vampire and Nova Esports.

Both groups are one of many favorite groups to win the complete PMGC, but so perform some team phase. Vampire won the worldwide competition for PUBG Cellphone, that has been the entire world Invitational in Saudi Arabia.

Tencent split the PMWI into two occasions: the Main Event and also the upon Party Showdown. The Vampires are 2nd and 2nd.

Despite winning the PMWI, the Vampire esports won the PMWI.

furthermore, Nova would be the top four uBG Mobile world champions. They’ll enter the competition to complete exactly what no other PUBG Cellphone group has achieved within the games history: be a three-time globe champ. These are typically coming aswell into hot mode; recently they completed 2nd spot within the Cellphone Regional Clash (PMRC) associated with the PUBG – between Asia and Southeast Asia.

after that, the team houses Alpha-7 Esports, whom put 2nd within the PMWI Afterparty Showdown. During the PL final, they won the PMPL Americas Championship.

Besides that, the team is divided up into two PMPL Regional Championship champions and three PMPL champions. Here you’re:

  • Knights: PMPL NA Autumn 2022 Champion.
  • XP Gaming: The PMPL Brazil Fall 2022 Champion.
  • One Million Esports: PMPL Africa Fall 2022 Champion.
  • Stalwart: PMPL Southern Asia’s champion could be the last.
  • LVVP: Germans’ autumn and polon finalists won the PGFL Europa-Domain Championship.

there is certainly plenty of firepower in Group Green, but fans could undoubtedly see some upsets within the team phase. You can view the PMGC go on the PUBG Cellphone Esports YouTube channel through the 10 Nov.

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