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Cr1t pleased with Virtus.Pro Carry Ban

After learning about Virtus.Pro carry getting prohibited by Valve and PGL, Cr1t shared their joy for the news.

Although these people were other rivals and specialists, Cr1t spared no sympathy for the brand new carry of Virtus.Pro. Koma, the young brand new carry associated with the Russian team, got completely prohibited for account sharing.

Cr1t instantly consented with all the ban throughout the flow, and seemed particularly satisfied with it.

“What do i do believe associated with the ban of VP carry? I believe it is great,” Cr1t told enthusiastically.

“Account sharing, smurfs, account buying, all kind of additional records, buy them the f**k away from Dota.”

It would appear the Shopify Rebellion’s soft help ended up being dedicated to the smurfing aspect associated with the bans.

Multiple professional players and characters was voicing their issues about smurfs also. Streamers such as for example Qojqva and Gorgc was well-known to air out their displeasure about this since well.

However, Valve had just been upgrading its efforts to recognize and resolve the issues.

Koma ended up being part of numerous players getting prohibited completely by both Valve and PGL. These people were suspected of account sharing, illegally playing under various makes up victories against lower groups.

There had been additionally allegations on what the players additionally bet on on their own simply because they knew their benefits during games.

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