Eva Elfie shocked esports professionals choose Dota 2 over intercourse

Movie celebrity Eva Elfie had been surprised to find out that Dota 2 professionals choose their game to presenting intercourse after interviewing them at TI 2022.

Dota 2’s The International covered up in October with Tundra Esports besting Team Secret into the finals to win the name, but that’s not the one thing that took place in Singapore.

Russian actress Eva Elfie has proven by herself become quite the top fan of esports through the years and was at Singapore for the wedding.

While here, she had some instead difficult concerns for the game’s pros including whether or otherwise not they’d like intercourse or Dota. The responses amazed her.

Eva Elfie shocked that Dota 2 players choose video gaming over sex

While numerous players had been stunned to know issue, numerous responded that Dota 2 had been their favored option.

There had been some exceptions, demonstrably, but definitely nearly all players at TI opted for Dota, making Elfie entirely confused.

During a podcast with Jake Lucky, the celebrity had been expected to fairly share issue while the players’ reaction, describing that she had been baffled by their option.

Would you select Dota 2 or Sex?Eva Elfie learned just how savage esports professionals undoubtedly are

— Jake Lucky (@JakeSucky) November 10, 2022

“I asked ‘what would you select, Dota 2 or intercourse’ and everybody decided on Dota 2. I don’t understand just why!” she exclaimed. “You’re actually gonna play Dota 2 rather than select intercourse?!”

While there’s no clear-cut answer to Elfie’s concern, a tattoo 100 Thieves CEO Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag got after losing a bet could summarize just what the Dota 2 players had been thinking: “sex is short-term, video gaming is forever.”

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