Every thing in CoD Mobile Season 2 2023 enhance: brand new map, Mecha Brawl, stability modifications, more

CoD Mobile Season 2 has already been getting into focus as 2023 rolls on and we’ve got an earlier check what to anticipate through the major enhance. Brand new game modes, a brand new map, and a selection of stability alterations are only the end associated with iceberg.

While Warzone Cellphone can be stealing the limelight to some extent within the brand new 12 months, CoD Mobile’s energy is not reducing at all.

With Season 1: Reawakening, we saw one of the more jamp-packed updates yet with a broad range of brand new content and cosmetic makeup products to help keep players involved. Now, devs are searching to follow that up with a desert-themed period for February so we already fully know adequate what to anticipate.

From brand new maps and modes to a look ahead at most likely stability alterations, right here’s all there is certainly to understand about CoD Mobile period 2 2023.


  • CoD Cellphone Season 2 launch date
  • New Diesel map in CoD Cellphone Season 2
  • Mecha Brawl game mode launches in CoD Cellphone Season 2
  • CoD Mobile Season 2 stability modifications
COD Mobile Season 1 2023 cover artActivisionCoD Mobile Season 1 is needs to breeze straight down as Season 2 has focus.

CoD Cellphone Season 2 2023 launch date & launch time

While no formal date happens to be established for Season 2 just yet, we are able to properly expect the brand new period to introduce on Wednesday, February 22, depending on the existing Season 1 Battle Pass end date.

Similarly, although no particular launch time happens to be nailed down, we typically see brand new updates roll over at 4PM PT, and Season 2 should not be any various.

We’ll make sure you upgrade you here after the above details are reaffirmed by Activision quickly.

New Diesel map arriving in CoD Cellphone Season 2 2023

Taking from Black Ops Cold War again, the multiplayer map Diesel is making its means up to CoD Cellphone in Season 2, in accordance with very early leakages.

This medium-sized battleground found its way to BOCW Season 3 in 2021, and served as a fresh arena for fast-paced matches. Made with 6v6 combat at heart, also Gunfight competitions, this desert-themed locale had been a well known select from its debut forward.

Diesel map coming in Season 2 2023

— Call Of Duty: Mobile Leaks & Information (@PlayCODNews) February 13, 2023

Mecha Brawl game mode launches in CoD Cellphone Season 2 2023

Also establishing included in Season 2 is a fresh Mecha Brawl playlist, if very early leakages hold real. In this excellent game kind, players are typical accountable for Goliaths through the jump. Each Goliath is anticipated in the future along with its very own set to unique powerups and abilities to provide some variety.

Exact lobby sizes, maps it’ll function on, and ratings needed to win, all stay under wraps for the present time. But we’re certain to discover plenty more about it brand new mode within the coming days.

Mecha Brawl mode is coming next seasonYou play as Goliath on Red or Blue group. Anticipated to have various classes/powerups for the goliath. We’ll upload more information later on. #callofdutymobile #codm #codmobile

— Leakers On Duty (@LeakersOnDuty) February 13, 2023

CoD Cellphone Season 2 2023 early stability changes leaked

While it is nevertheless very early times yet, and formal spot records are yet to reach, but prominent insiders ‘LeakersOnDuty’ have revealed some very early stability modifications ahead of Season 2’s launch. These alterations rolled down in the beginning the test host and therefore, may be susceptible to alter before their arrival within the complete game, therefore do simply take the next with a grain of sodium.

Private Test Server Balance Changes.Note why these come from a personal test and susceptible to alter until officially announced.#callofdutymobile #codm #codmobile

— Leakers On Duty (@LeakersOnDuty) February 8, 2023

🔴 Season 02 Test host extra stability changes.Note why these are maybe not final yet.#callofdutymobile #codm #codmobile

— Leakers On Duty (@LeakersOnDuty) February 13, 2023

While that’s all we understand about CoD Cellphone Season 2 for the present time, make sure to always check back the coming days as we’ll enhance you right here with the latest details while they emerge.

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