Every thing we realize about Ubisoft's Star Wars game: Open-world, Snowdrop motor, more

Ubisoft’s committed Star Wars game is deeply into development and even though details are scarce, we’ve got an early on rundown on every thing there is certainly to understand concerning the future open-world name.

It’s safe to state you will find quite a few Star Wars games into the works at this time with time. From EA’s Jedi: Survivor game beingshown to people there to Quantic Dream’s Eclipse task, a KOTOR remake, and plenty more in between, it is a fantastic time for fans across the world.

Among record of tasks now underway is the one and only an open-world name from Ubisoft, the publishing giant behind the kind of Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry. Although it is early days yet, without however much as a suitable title for the future launch, we do nevertheless have a reasonable little bit of very early intel to set off.

So if you’re eagerly waiting for any scrap of data you will get both hands on, here’s a complete rundown on every thing we realize to date about Ubisoft’s open-world Star Wars game.


  • Does Ubisoft’s Star Wars game have actually a release date?
  • Development group
  • Early game play details
Electronic ArtsWe’ve seen lots of committed Star Wars games through the years but few with a suitable open-world approach.

Does Ubisoft’s Star Wars game have actually a launch date?

Currently, Ubisoft’s Star Wars game won’t have a good launch date. But, we might have obtained a small teaser through a designer tweet on January 2. Ubisoft imaginative manager Julian Gerighty set the rumor mill ablaze with an easy post teasing the Star Wars title.

“2023 is planning to be huge for all of us,” he said within the tweet to accompany a picture for the iconic Star Wars logo design. Obviously, numerous interpreted this as if the open-world game is focusing on a 2023 launch, however it’s well worth taking that concept with a grain of sodium.

Gerighty quickly then followed through to their post to explain that 2023 will undoubtedly be “huge for the groups building our game,” possibly attempting to walk right back their initial teaser. Nevertheless, we realize for many the Star Wars task has been around active development since January, 2021, therefore fans shouldn’t need to wait all a long time to understand game for action.

This appears to have sparked quite some interest!To be clear, We intended that 2023 will soon be huge for the groups building our game (that you simply could possibly be part of!).For official news, monitor @Ubisoft!

— Julian Gerighty (@jgerighty) January 3, 2023

Which group is developing Ubisoft’s Star Wars game?

Swedish designer Massive Entertainment is leading the fee on Ubisoft’s open-world Star Wars game. Most widely known for his or her work with famous brands The Division show while the latest Southern Park name (The Fractured but Whole), the group now has two committed games in development simultaneously.

Not just is Massive taking care of the Star Wars game, but they’re also responsible for the future Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora name too, both of that are set to include vast available globes, meaning they’re no tiny undertaking.

The Division gameplayUbisoftWhen it comes down to open-world game design, significant Entertainment mainly cut its teeth through The Division show.

Early open-world Star Wars gameplay details

While we now haven’t yet seen also a great deal as a screenshot through the game, we do possess some very early details as to just how Ubisoft’s Star Wars game will play.

First up, we know for certain the name will hone in on a “new pair of figures who’ve their particular motivations and stakes.” In terms of a defined environment or schedule, that’s anyone’s guess for the time being. We’re able to see such a thing through the newly established High Republic era to more familiar territory within the Skywalker age.

The open-world game normally set to work with Ubisoft’s innovative Snowdrop engine, an engine powering a number of future games through the publisher including Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora additionally the Splinter Cell remake.

Stellan Skarsgard and Diego Luna in AndorDisney+The Star Wars world is obviously expending therefore there’s no shortage of tales to share with and timelines to explore.

Although not yet verified, leaked intel from InsiderGaming claims we’ll control a customizable protagonist and guide them through the tale with this very own choices. Furthermore, the report claims players should be able to ‘seamlessly’ jump between systems in a massive world, similar to just how No Man’s Sky gift suggestions its boundless galaxy.

Obviously, it is still fairly very early days yet so that it’s well worth taking these records with a grain of sodium for the time being. But rest assured we’ll help keep you up to date with the latest developments the following as brand new details emerge.

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