Every thing we realize about Valorant Agent 22: Abilities & more

Valorant’s next representative is beingshown to people there. While Agent 22 is yet become formally revealed by Riot, right here’s every thing we realize in regards to the future character.

The Valorant Agent roster continues to grow at an instant rate. Even though the first-person shooter launched with only 10 Agents, players are in possession of a lot of choices to pick from today.

It hasn’t been very long since Harbor’s arrival in Episode 5 — that was undoubtedly a breath of oxygen for players. Nonetheless, the Indian water-wielding Agent ended up being a bit “underwhelming” in line with the professionals, now most are searching toward what’s in shop next.

With having said that, right here’s every thing we realize about Valorant’s next Agent, Agent 22 including a potential launch date.

Valorant Agent 22: Rumors, leaks & teasers

Not much is yet understood about Valorant’s next representative. Nonetheless, based on prominent leaker ‘ValorLeaks’, a fresh Agent which can be presently in development is codenamed ‘SmokeDancer’.

While codenames aren’t frequently much to stop, the title implies that the following Agent might have the capability to counter smokes or other abilities that block a line of sight.

New Agent Codename: SmokeDancer | #VALORANT

— Mike | Valorant Leaks & News (@ValorLeaks) February 4, 2023

Furthermore, the most recent State for the Agents update from Riot dev John ‘MEMEMEMEME’ Gosciki provided the city a little bit of understanding as to what’s waiting for you for players in 2023.

According to your designer, fans should expect a complete of three brand new agents in 2010. The type of, Riot announced that we’ll at least be getting a fresh Initiator and Sentinel. Nonetheless, they’dn’t expose exactly what course the next Agent will fall under.

The State for the Agents update also gave fans a subtle teaser. As always, the next agent’s base ended up being revealed. Although it clearly is not much to stop, it seems like Agent 22 may show up with a companion by their part.

Character Producer @RiotMEMEMEMEME comes back utilizing the latest State of this Agents to share with you a glance at Agent plans in 2023 and yes, a tease.

— VALORANT (@PlayVALORANT) February 20, 2023

When will the following Valorant agent be released?

The launch date for Agent 22 will not be formally verified by Riot. Nonetheless, on the basis of the typical launch routine, Agent 22 must certanly be released in Episode 6 Act 3 — which can be likely to start sometime in belated April.

However, something is obvious: Agent 22 will undoubtedly be revealed on March 4 in front of the grand last of VCT LOCK//IN. The unveiling will undoubtedly be accompanied by a showmatch featuring Tarik ‘tarik’ Celik and Leonardo ‘frttt’ Braz, that will be using the latest Agent. tarik and frttt will select other content creators and VCT pros because of this one-of-a-kind showmatch.

So that’s everything we realize thus far in regards to the future Agent 22 in Valorant. Make sure to browse our other Valorant guides to obtain in front of the competition:

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