Finest Clodsire construct for 7-star Greninja Tera Raids: Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet gamers can use this optimized Clodsire construct to tackle 7-star Greninja Tera Raids in on-line play.

The 7-Star Unequalled Greninja Tera Raid occasion has begun in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and it has the potential to be probably the most tough Tera Raid but. With a stacked six-move arsenal and dynamic typing, gamers should work collectively to take down this beast.

Fortunately, this Clodsire construct is optimized to counter the Unequalled Greninja, regardless of its floor typing leaving it weak. However that’s the place its particular capacity is available in, giving Clodsire the sting it must be a viable attacker towards Greninja.

Finest Clodire construct for Greninja Raids

Clodsire isn’t onerous to make use of in Tera Raids because it doesn’t require an elaborate setup to be efficient. All it wants is the Water Absord capacity to negate water injury and the right moveset to deal injury and decrease stats.

The principle damage-dealing transfer will likely be Earth Energy, however gamers shouldn’t be afraid to sneak in Mud-Slaps initially to decrease Greninja’s accuracy. Get well may be discovered through breeding and can be utilized to regain well being all through the match. When Greninja pops its defend, use Acid Spray to deal chip injury and decrease Graninja’s Particular Protection.

Holding Tender Sand will improve the facility of Floor-type strikes, that are tremendous efficient towards Greninja’s Poison Tera Sort.

Held Merchandise
EVs & IVs

– Earth Energy– Mud Slap– Get well– Acid Spray
Tender Sand
Water Take in
HP & Particular Assault

Finest Clodsire Moveset

  • Earth Energy – Discovered through TM
  • Mud Slap – Discovered through TM
  • Get well – Discovered through breeding
  • Acid Spray – Discovered through TM

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