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FormaL hits huge earnings milestone after Halo World Championship win

Multiple FPS World Champion Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper has hit a major earnings milestone following his victory with OpTic Gaming at the 2022 Halo Infinite World Championships. 

In any title’s esport, the World Championships are the pinnacle of competition and the one tournament that competitors want to win above all others.

While very few gamers will ever have the privilege of being able to call themselves a World Champion in their chosen esport, even fewer get the chance to become a World Champion in multiple. 

For OpTic Gaming’s FormaL, that dream became a reality when the Greenwall toppled the competition to win the Halo Infinite 2022 World Championships, taking down Cloud9 in the Grand Final. 

In doing so, he cemented his place in the FPS hall of fame, becoming only the second player ever (after Shotzzy) to win World Championships in more than one esport. 

FormaL hits massive earnings milestone after Halo World Championship win

However, it has also seen the former CoD pro pushed past a remarkable earnings milestone, another that most esports competitors can only dream of. 

According to esportsearnings, the Halo World Championship victory pushed the 27-year-old past $1m in total career earnings. 

The tournament had a $400,000 prize for first place, meaning that each player took home approximately $100,000 (not factoring in org cuts or tax). 

MLGFormaL won a World Championship in CoD with OpTic Gaming, before doing the same in Halo.

While it’s an eye-watering figure, it doesn’t even put him in the top 100 highest-earnings esports pros of all time, with the majority of the top twenty occupied exclusively by Dota 2 players. 

The ongoing Dota 2 The International, for example, gives the winning team an incredible $8.1m in prize money. 

FormaL remains eighth on the list of highest-earning CoD pros of all time. With a successful career in Halo and Call of Duty already in the books, maybe we’ll see FormaL transition into a third esport. Stranger things have happened.

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