Fortnite Guardian Shields: how to locate & how exactly to block shots

The Guardian Shield is here in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, but where is it possible to think it is? And exactly how can you make use of it to block shots? Here’s all you need to understand.

Fortnite constantly keeps players on the feet with the addition of brand new tools and what to boost their loadout, therefore the latest addition may be the Guardian Shield, which puts a forcefield prior to you to block bullets.

This helpful product ended up being teased throughout the Chapter 4 unveil trailer, therefore fans are obviously desperate to give it a shot on their own. Below, we’ve covered where you might get one and exactly how to block shots utilizing the Guardian Shield.

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How getting the Guardian Shield in Fortnite

Guardian Shields can only just be acquired by searching Oathbound Chests. They are unusual, high-tier chests which means they’re quite hard to find – plus it’s not really fully guaranteed that you’ll get a Guardian Shield inside each of them.

The most readily useful location to get a Guardian Shield could be the Citadel, as you will find four Oathbound Chests located in the castle right here and plenty more within the surrounding area. It is possible to find Oathbound Chests at Shattered Slabs and Faulty Splits.

You can easily see every one of the Oathbound Chest locations marked in the map courtesy of below:

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Of course, you might constantly simply expel another player which has a Guardian Shield and take theirs, but that would be very difficult whenever they’re able to block your shots utilizing the shield.

How to block shots utilizing the Guardian Shield in Fortnite

To block shots utilizing the Guardian Shield, you just need certainly to equip it in your stock then hold straight down the shoot switch (as an example, the R2 trigger on PlayStation).

Alternatively, you’ll aim and put the Guardian Shield as if you would with a Grenade or a Chug Splash.

Do this while an opponent shoots at you and you’ll block their bullets. Understand that the Guardian Shield won’t final forever, so don’t get caught down in the wild whenever that protective barrier disappears.

That’s all you need to learn about Guardian Shields! Check always out more Fortnite guides below:

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