Game-breaking Counter-Strike 2 bug enables you to keep tools after dying

Counter-Strike 2 players discovered a game-breaking bug which allows them to keep prepared tools after dying.

Valve astonished its CS:GO community earlier in the day this week by unveiling Counter-Strike 2 and rolling out a small beta test.

With an abundance of people going hands-on with an unfinished create, game play and technical problems are bound to appear. One “game-breaking glitch,” in particular, has already been making the rounds.

whilst it hasn’t triggered a lot of issues at the time of yet, it is a problem that Valve may wish to just take a closer glance at for balancing purposes.

Player finds tools bug in Counter-Strike 2 beta

During a recently available real time blast of Counter-Strike 2, content creator Eric “fl0m” Flom tested an exploit that permitted him to help keep their equipped tools upon dying.

After dying in a match, fl0m pressed the pickup key and quickly received a note saying, “You found a AK-47 | Redline.”

He also surely got to keep carefully the AK after their group destroyed one round and headed into another. “That’s really game-breaking,” one of this streamer’s teammates may be heard saying in talk.

It’s maybe not presently understood in the event that tools bug is a widespread issue for Counter-Strike 2’s beta participants. But at the least it is one thing users could actually unearth throughout the evaluating period, which kicked down on March 2.

The limited beta for Counter-Strike 2 is currently offered to choose users, influenced by facets such as for example a user’s Steam account standing and playtime on formal Valve servers. In terms of content, the beta plays host to Deathmatch and Unranked Competitive modes.

Valve plans on starting the total game sometime come july 1st, though a company launch date have not yet been occur stone.

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