Getting brand new Steam Deck startup movies

Valve has started to add fresh Steam Deck startup movies in its points shop. Here’s getting those and include yours.

The Steam Deck was a modders utopia since its launch a year ago. Now, coming on per year on sufficient reason for a 10% discount in position, Valve has finally added startup films to your points shop.

They price around 3000 points each and show Portal turrets or a video clip of somebody making the logo design by hand.

Looking to get going because of the Steam Deck? Follow our ultimate guide for lots more.

Where to download brand new startup movies from the Steam Points store

The Steam Deck’s points store is normally simpler to discover the difficult method, than wanting to navigate it by the store’s web browser. Specially because the shop has received a makeover for the Spring Sale.

  • Head into Settings
  • Scroll down to either Keyboard or Customization
  • Within these menus, there’s a “Visit the Points Shop” switch
  • Press the button and you’ll be offered the Points Shop
  • The featured list should all be start-up films right now

Once you’ve invested the points, you’ll have the ability to choose them within the modification menu in Settings.

How getting customized boot animations on the Steam Deck

As we saw earlier, Valve lifted the limitations how long and big these boot animations for the Steam Deck are. We saw an upper limitation as somebody supplied the entirety of Shrek on the device’s boot time. This forced Valve to allow you press B through the boot to skip this animation.

Putting yours boot animations in the Steam Deck is actually effortless and simply calls for you to

First, get into Desktop mode. This can be done when you go to Power > Desktop mode. As soon as here, you’ll need certainly to start the file web browser (Dolphin) as well as in the utmost effective right-hand part, pick the menu key. This will enable you to tick “Show concealed folders”.

Now, check out the next folder via this path:


In this folder make a folder called uioverrides and another within the brand new folder you merely made called films.

After this, you could begin placing boot animations in. The most recent enhance additionally enables you to choose customized animations within the modification menu now too. This will enable you to choose and randomize it because of the formal Valve ones.

just what file kind do Steam Deck startup videos need to be?

To have the Steam Deck to acknowledge your startup videos, they should take the .webm file structure.

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