Greatest Gastrodon construct for 7-Star Greninja Tera Raids

Greninja has stumped trainers because it poses one of many best threats from a 7-star Tera Raid, however Gastrodon is the proper counter for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Poison-type boss.

The fan-favorite Gen 5 starter Greninja is the following featured Pokemon within the extremely difficult Scarlet & Violet 7-star Tera Raids. And with a hearty moveset and Poison Tera Sort, gamers are struggling to develop ample counters.

It is because Greninja’s Poison typing makes it weak to Floor- and Psychic-type strikes. However Floor- and Psychic-type Pokemon are particularly weak to Greninja’s Darkish and Water base typings. To not point out that 7-Star Tera Raid bosses have greater than 4 strikes at their disposal, and Greninja has some of the numerous movepools within the franchise.

Fortunately, one distinctive Floor-type Pokemon negates injury dealt by in any other case supereffective strikes, and that’s the goopy monster Gastrodon. Right here’s learn how to construct it for Greninja raids.

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Greatest Gastrodon construct for Greninja Tera Raids

First up, you’ll need to get a Gastrodon with the power Storm Drain. This makes the Pokemon resistant to Water-type injury and will increase its Particular Assault by one stage each time it’s attacked. Since Water-type strikes are tremendous efficient in opposition to Floor varieties – which Gastrodon is – this means is a sport changer.

With Grenina boosting your Particular Assault, trainers will need their moveset to be targeted on that stat. Earth Energy can be utilized to deal huge injury, whereas Mud Slap can decrease Greninja’s accuracy.

Get well is a superb option to hold gamers within the battle longer because it restores Gastrodon’s well being, and Acid Armor can be utilized to spice up the Pokemon’s protection, permitting it to tank hits from non-Water strikes. Lastly, give the slug a Smooth Sand to carry to spice up its Floor-type assaults and Gastrodon needs to be a viable possibility on this battle.

Held Merchandise
EVs & IVs

– Earth Energy– Mud Slap– Get well– Acid Armor
Smooth Sand
Storm Drain
HP & Particular Assault

Greatest Gastrodon Moveset

  • Earth Energy – discovered at stage 39
  • Mud Slap – discovered at stage 1
  • Get well – discovered at stage 1
  • Acid Armor – discovered by way of breeding

That’s every little thing you must find out about Gastrodon in Greninja Tera Raids! Try extra Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guides beneath:

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