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Highs and Lows: Dota 2022 in summary

The professional scene of Dota in 2022 was extremely exciting with numerous highs and lows for the groups. Take a good look at a number of them!

As 2022 concludes, we have a look at just what groups had done within the 12 months. Many had their highs, while there have been groups which had their lows since well.

Although the outcomes diverse, one stayed constant; it absolutely was a thrilling 12 months of Dota up to now. Take a good look at a number of the highs and lows!

Highs: Tundra Esports Winning TI11

Although their shows astonished nobody, it had been a fairy story for Tundra to win The Global 11. They went from scarcely perhaps not qualifying for The Global 10 to winning The Global 11, with the exact same roster.

Performances of the cores such as for instance skiter and 33 had been known as to end up being the reasons for their success.

Highs: Team Secret Becoming Runner-Up of TI11

Team Secret had hard times in their run during the 2022 DPC. They went for numerous roster modifications throughout every season, looking for top way to change MATUMBAMAN and Zai.

However, their changes repaid while they were able to complete as runner-up associated with the Global 11 with a new roster.

Lows: Alliance Losing to Team Bald During TI11 Qualifier

Alliance’s last iteration in their final run of DPC 2022 had most likely ended some players’ careers. They went from a powerful contender throughout the Overseas 10 to losing against a group of streamers whom didn’t also scrim during TI11 Qualifier.

As an outcome, Alliance refurbished its whole roster with the expectation to return more powerful in DPC 2023.

Lows: The Downward Spiral of Chinese Dota

The Chinese scene of Dota was indeed dealing with problems in recent years. The top of the downfall ended up being throughout the Global 11 since none of the group were able to enter the finals of both top of the Bracket and Lower Bracket.

Many groups in your community suffered a reshuffle, such as the almighty PSG.LGD with a majority of their players using a rest because of weakness.

What’s your choose of 2022 Dota moments? Write your moments listed below within the opinions!

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