Hogwarts Legacy players shows off insanely long 30-minute spell combination

A Hogwarts Legacy player revealed down a ridiculously high spell combination they were able to achieve during a battle with among the game’s Troll enemies.

Those who’ve played Hogwarts Legacy understand the game has an interestingly deep and robust combat system, where pupils can wield as much as 16 spells simultaneously.

While it surely usually takes quite a while to perfect, some pupils have previously taken off some jaw-dropping feats by pressing the game’s combat system towards the limit.

Now, one Hogwarts Legacy fan detailed the way they were able to display a nearly 2,500 spell combination in “a half-hour” long fight among the game’s sturdier enemies.

Hogwarts Legacy fan pulls down amazing spell combo

The crazy spell combination came from a person going by the title candletastetester in the HarryPotterGame subreddit. The name associated with the post said, “My new individual record,” and revealed an image associated with spell combo counter sitting at an astounding 2,427.

Other users associated with the community had been stupefied at the way they had been also in a position to achieve a combo that high, with numerous creating jokes about the indegent enemy in the obtaining end of this player’s spells.

“Jesus guy. Simply destroy it currently,” said one fan, while another joked that circumstances such as this are “When Avada Kedavra abruptly becomes forgivable,” in reference towards the game’s three Unforgivable Curses.

Multiple individuals into the responses guessed that the gamer utilized an Inferi enemy to achieve the combination, because they don’t simply take any damage until hit with a Fire-based spell. Nevertheless, the OP confirmed it absolutely was actually “a very sad River Troll” and that based on their gf, “it took about a half-hour” to strike 2,427.

In reaction to other people guessing during the spells employed for the combination, they confirmed that many associated with the hits originated from fundamental Casts, as Trolls can’t really be juggled with spells like Levioso and Flippendo. The fact the combination ended up being done on a River Troll makes the feat a lot more impressive, as a result of their opposition to a number of various spells.

Impressive because it ended up being, this indicates this isn’t always the conclusion with this Hogwarts student’s dueling feats, because they asked the city when they should shoot for a 10,000 spell combination in the foreseeable future. Just time will inform if they’re able to top this dazzling combo.

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