Just how to include non-Steam games on Steam Deck

Got a game title that’s not on Steam that you would like to relax and play regarding the Steam Deck? Here’s just how to include non-Steam games to your collection.

It might surprise one to discover, nevertheless the Steam Deck is actually a Linux Computer. It may seem like a handheld gaming system, such as the Nintendo change, however it’s completely simply a PC. This permits us to accomplish that which we just as in it, specially when it comes down to incorporating non-Steam games to your Deck’s collection.

It’s extremely easy and when you’ve done it on Computer before, it’ll work just like you anticipate right here. Including items to your Steam Deck collection will even enable you to play things in Gaming Mode besides, aswell as run non-supported games through Proton.

How to place non-Steam applications regarding the Steam Deck

First, we must enter Desktop Mode. Press the Steam switch, and visit energy. The menu pops up, select Desktop Mode. You’ll have actually a fast blip and become booted to the desktop environment.

Once you’ve downloaded your games from good old fashioned Games or the Epic shop,, or anywhere else you might get game titles from, start Steam.

In the underside part for the application, there’s a bonus indication switch and it’ll provide you with the choice to include a non-Steam game to your collection. It’ll start a window for you really to look for your games. Make sure you know where you’re looking before going into this, as Linux isn’t as simple to locate files as Windows.

If you’ve set up a game title from some other platform onto other storage space, like an SD card, for example, you’ll need certainly to go to run/media/mmcblk0p1.

Make certain you choose from the file web browser drop-down menu to incorporate All data, as by standard it searches for Linux-only apps.

Once you’ve discovered your game’s executable file (this may nevertheless be a .exe file), include it to your collection so we can go on.

Turn on Proton compatibility

Before introducing the overall game, make sure to make it work well with Proton. To do this, click on the game into the collection, and then click the settings gear symbol. Select “Properties” after which “Compatibility”. Select which Proton variation you need – Experimental or the latest complete launch is advised.

Re-enter gaming mode as well as your brand new, non-Steam game should start up as normal in your Steam Deck.

Looking to get more Steam Deck guides? We now have you covered with your ultimate beginner guide.

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