Just how to play Fortnite split screen

Fortnite remains one of the most popular multiplayer games of them all, along with Chapter 4 period 2 finally out which includesn’t changed. Despite its appeal many players don’t understand as you are able to really play settee co-op in Fortnite. Continue reading to discover just how to play Fortnite’s split screen mode.

The addition of a split screen to Fortnite early in Chapter 2 had been a fantastic addition for anyone seeking to drop on the Island through the exact same settee.

Like split screen modes in other games, each player’s POV seems on a single 50 % of the display to produce for a few great settee co-op play that does not need headsets or microphones to communicate your battle plans.

However, numerous Fortnite fans are unaware that this particular feature also exists in the game, so we’ve put together a handy split screen guide to obtain started.


  • Can you play split screen on Fortnite?
  • How to play split screen
  • When is split screen arriving at Switch and PC?
  • Which modes could be enjoyed split screen?
  • Split display guidelines

Is it possible to play split screen in Fortnite?

Yes, you are able to play split screen in Fortnite. It absolutely was temporarily disabled for a time but considering that the v19.01 improvement in Chapter 3 period 1, the capability to play in split-screen mode happens to be re-enabled by Epic Games.

This means it is possible to jump in to the Battle coach yet again to relax and play some rounds with buddies in the home.

Just how to play split screen in Fortnite

Follow these steps make it possible for the function in your game:

  • check out the game’s primary lobby regarding the primary player’s account.
  • Turn on the 2nd controller, and log in to the 2nd player’s account when prompted.
  • On the base of your display, you’ll start to see the choice to press your console’s matching Triangle (PlayStation) or Y (Xbox) key to join Player Two towards the game.
  • Following this, both players should now appear in the lobby part of the game.
  • That’s it – enjoy split screen Fortnite!
  • It’s worth noting that the overall game session will end if one player is disconnected, even when one other player stays in play. Players’ inventories will stay split – and therefore you’ve kept to gather your own personal what to create and update products.

    Whenever is split screen arriving at Switch and PC?

    Currently, split screen is available regarding the PlayStation and Xbox systems.

    PC, Nintendo change, and cellular devices usually do not help this functionality, and Epic have not suggested so it is enabled on those platforms any time in the future. We’ll upgrade you the following if that modifications.

    An image showing the Split Screen feature in Fortnite for Duos and SquadsOnly Duos and Squads are played in split screen.

    Which modes are enjoyed split screen?

    As of now, split screen can only just be properly used in Duos and Squads modes in the Battle Royale, whenever two players are linked to the exact same system.

    This additionally pertains to Creative, Limited Time Modes (LTMs), and save your self the entire world. But, cross-play between system platforms does enable provided displays.

    Separate display recommendations

    While it could be enjoyable to relax and play split screen with a pal, you can find apparent downsides because of this. The most blatant drawbacks is it cuts your display size by 50 percent. This can certainly have an effect in your in-game understanding.

    This is just why it is of this utmost value to focus on teamwork and interaction whenever playing split screen. Constantly relaying information to your separate display partner, and them doing the exact same, can certainly make a big distinction in gunfights.

    In addition, ensure you’re more comfortable with the display orientation whenever doing split screen in Fortnite. By standard, your feeds will show horizontally, though this is often changed to vertically if that’s exactly what you want. Trying out different orientations will allow you to determine which is most effective for you personally and exactly what appears most useful in your display.

    It’s additionally well worth pointing away that playing Fortnite in split screen mode can occasionally result in short-term problems like a player’s stock trying out your whole display or interfering using the other player’s camera angle. Within our experience, this really is more prevalent regarding the final generation of systems eg. the PlayStation 4.

    So, there you have it — that’s everything required to learn on how to do Fortnite split screen.

    For more guidelines that will help you buy those Victory Royales, take a look at our guides:

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