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Lina or Mommy Significant? Discover Out probably the most Contested Hero in Lima significant

Lina and Broodmother stayed the absolute most contested heroes for the Lima significant as both heroes’ combined choose and bans proceeded to skyrocket following the third time.

Both the Slayer and also the Ebony Arachnia garnered a complete of 82 pick and bans each throughout the initial three times of Dota 2’s first significant for the year.

Lina had been chosen 23 times and had been prohibited 59 times while Broodmother had been chosen 15 times and had been canceled down for a complete of 67 times – the greatest ever into the Lima significant. Lina, meanwhile, arrived in 2nd into the many banned heroes.

The Slayer can also be tied up for fifth with many victories at 14 while Broodmother just had eight victories against seven fatalities after getting canceled out of the most.

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Gaimin Gladiators, that is tied up during the number 1 spot in Group A with Talon Esports, picked Lina five times throughout the very first three times – the greatest into the whole competition – and got three victories against two losings in the hero.

Tundra picked the hero four times while Evil Geniuses, Talon, and TSM each chosen the hero twice.

Meanwhile, Rubick stayed towards the top of the absolute most picked heroes with a grand total of 43 while Undying isn’t too much behind at 41. Tusk (28), Treant Protector (27), and Nature’s Prophet (25) round out of the top five correspondingly.

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