Maybe there is another Jesus of War game after Ragnarok?

Is here likely to be another Jesus of War game after Ragnarok? Using the latest game from Sony Santa Monica concluding the Norse Saga, players are wondering if you will have more Jesus of War games in the foreseeable future.

God of War Ragnarok brings the Norse Saga associated with Sony Santa Monica developed tale to a finish. Though it would likely shut the chapter with this element of Kratos’s journey, players continue to be finding lots to accomplish within the critically acclaimed name.

Hailed as certainly one of 2022’s best releases by Dexerto as well as other outlets, have we heard of final of Kratos?

Well, not quite. There could you should be another Jesus of War adventure beingshown to people there.

Will there be a God of War 3 on PS5?

At the full time of composing, God of War 3 will not be established formally for the PlayStation 5. But worry perhaps not, as that does not indicate a brand new Jesus of War game has gone out of this concern.

Whereas the first games rounded from the Spartan storyline, the newest next-gen iterations are an element of the Norse Saga. Don’t fret, we won’t be divulging any spoilers right here for exactly how Ragnarok brings the thrilling storyline to an end.

However, we could wholeheartedly state that the doorway is ready to accept using the Jesus of War franchise into a brand new age.

SonyWhen Brand new Game Plus found its way to Jesus of War (2018) it included a selection of effective brand new gear for Kratos and Atreus.

Players already are theorizing where Jesus of War 3 could get in terms of mythology, with numerous currently proposing that Kratos should fight foes in Japanese or Egyptian mythology. The latter has became the most used with Jesus of War players on the game’s subreddit.

Could Kratos encounter deities such as for instance Hachiman or Khonshu? Such a thing can occur in Jesus of War and we’re desperate to see just what comes next.

While we await the following entry, make sure to dig deep into Ragnarok making the very best of your playthrough:

God of War Berserkers | Odin’s Ravens | 100% conclusion | Ragnarok Post-Credits | All Graphics Mode settings | Best Skills

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