Miyoo Mini handheld to stop manufacturing indefinitely because of absence of displays

The remarkably popular retro handheld, the Miyoo Mini, has apparently arrive at an abrupt end, whilst the maker cannot find a provider for displays.

One of well known handhelds, the Miyoo Mini, has struck a snag in its manufacturing. The extremely sought-after retro single-board computer (SBC) has apparently lost usage of a much-needed way to obtain displays.

Sold on AliExpress as well as other third-party shops, the Miyoo Mini frequently offers away, inspite of the ever-expanding quantity of competition into the room. But, in accordance with a note sourced by a Twitter stock checker for the SBC, they just have actually 200 complete devices left.

Between February 5 and 10, the final batch of 200 devices for the normal miyoo mini are going to be released because a supplier for the display screen have not yet been discovered, therefore from then on batch just the miyoo mini + will undoubtedly be sold there is absolutely no information from the time the normal miyoo mini will get back.

— MIYOO MINI V2 V3 STOCK ALERTS (@miyoomini) February 2, 2023

Translated from Chinese, the message reads:

“There [are] no [screens] designed for manufacturing. [We] need the [screens] to [continue] manufacturing. Otherwise, [the] 200 [left] will be the final batch.”

With the ongoing electronic devices shortage only permitting up, Miyoo’s niche requirement for this kind of IPS display screen could have an opportunity at switching around.

The business, nevertheless, is apparently all but confirming that the larger variation releasing at the conclusion for the thirty days, the Miyoo Mini Plus, is going to be changing it.

We suspect that the Miyoo Mini will sooner or later keep coming back into stock as soon as a screen provider was discovered.

The entire electronic devices industry has faced shortages over the board, with major brands like Nvidia and Intel only handling to obtain straight back on the right track. Meanwhile, PlayStation 5 systems stay static in and rented out already on a routine foundation.

what’s the Miyoo Mini?

The Miyoo Mini is a little, retro-focused handheld. It comes down designed with the capability to play as much as non-DualShock PS1 games. Miyoo hasn’t utilized Android os because of its handheld, rather opting to utilize a fork of Linux, that provides them a bit more freedom in just how it works.

It’s a great unit, with Gameboy and older 4:3 aspect ratio games looking great regarding the small display screen. It’s a damn pity to view it get.

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