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Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play: expected release, ranks & more

Modern Warfare 2’s release is rapidly approaching and fans want to know about the CoD instalment’s Ranked mode. A lot remains unclear, but we’ve had some details regarding Ranks and a potential release date. Here’s everything we know. 

The release of any new Call of Duty title means clamor from the player base for information about modes. While standard multiplayer and a Campaign are pretty safe bets, others like Zombies, Spec Ops and Ranked Play are far from guaranteed. 

On the latter, competitive CoD fans want to know all there is about a Ranked mode and how it will work. Here’s everything we know so far about Ranked Play in Modern Warfare 2. 

Will Modern Warfare 2 have Ranked Play? 

In short – we do expect Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer to have some kind of Ranked mode. However, we expect it to come shortly after launch.

While most CoDs do wind up with a Ranked mode of some variety, some only ever get a Call of Duty League playlist and others, like Vanguard, do not get one until months after launch. 

It’s yet to be spoken about by Activision or Infinity Ward but leaks have indicated one will be present.

Reputable leaker TheGhostofHope claimed back in July that MW2’s Ranked Mode will drop “shortly after launch” with Treyarch as lead development studio.

EXCLUSIVE: Ranked Play will be coming to Modern Warfare II shortly after launch with Treyarch leading development on the mode.

— Hope (@TheGhostOfHope) July 7, 2022

When will Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play release? 

Unfortunately, there’s no details about when exactly it will come to Modern Warfare 2. The “shortly after launch” detail is all we have and there’s been no elucidation as to what that actually means. 

Modern Warfare 2 itself launches on October 28, with Warzone 2.0 following on November 16. There is the potential for Ranked Play to drop with the BR sequel but that seems unlikely given the short space of time between the two dates. 

As such, early 2023 looks more likely, but we’ll be sure to update this when there’s more clarity over a date. 

Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play details: ranks and modes

Since then, more leaks have shed light on the game’s Ranked mode. 

Firstly, on October 14, leaker Vanguard Intel revealed the Ranks that will feature in the mode. Allegedly, in descending order, they are as follows: 

  • Crimson
  • Diamond
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

Secondly, we do not yet know what game modes will be used for Ranked Play. Early leaks pointed towards Domination, but that was quickly denied by Daniel Tsay, the CDL’s GM (note that Ranked Play tends to reflect the CDL ruleset).

As such, we expect it to be Hardpoint, Search and Destroy and one or two more modes. Control has been a feature of recent CDL seasons but Infinity Ward titles do not always include the Treyarch-developed mode, while other leaks suggest Capture the Flag will feature in MW2, so that’s also an option. 

That’s all we know to this point about Modern Warfare 2’s Ranked Play. We’ll be sure to update this page as more becomes clear. 

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