Most readily useful 60% video gaming keyboard in 2023: what type is right for you personally?

When looking top 60% keyboards, you may be dazzled by the sheer quantity of choices in the marketplace at this time. Nonetheless, not absolutely all panels are created equal. We look at our top alternatives to save lots of you some hassle.

When searching for keyboards, one you will notice around plenty is a 60% board. Just what this effortlessly does is shave down almost any unneeded key, causing you to be with a board which has an optimal design for video gaming.

Keyboard manufacturers happen fast to visit the bandwagon, nevertheless the forms of board that one may get are distilled into three many types. Gaming, Personalized, and Mechanical. The 2 previous choices will be the greater costly, but offer some notable advantages on the standard, modest technical counterparts.

Wooting 60HE: the greatest 60% video gaming keyboard


  • Change kind: Lekker linear60 (Hot-swappable)
  • Keycaps: Double-shot PBT (ANSI just)
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Price: $174.99

When we reviewed the Wooting 60HE, we knew we had been set for one thing unique. The Lekker Linear switches usage hallway sensors, causeing the board get noticed apart from most other panels with this list. This permits the change to have an accuracy all the way to 1mm, with an equally impressive debounce environment, also called quick trigger in Wooting’s exceptional software.

The tray normally detachable and suitable for other enthusiast choices, therefore the board is all well muted from the package, making for a buttery smooth typing experience. There’s perhaps not much to whine about here, you should be conscious so it takes a while to configure in your preferred games, and you may need to connect the Wooting 60HE utilizing a wire.

It produces an excellent typing and video gaming experience, which is the reason why we’ve named it our top 60% keyboard for gamers. It simply does not improve than this.

Higround Summit 65: the most effective 65% customized keyboard


  • Switch kind: Higround Geo (Pre-lubed, Hot-swappable)
  • Keycaps: 1.5mm dense PBT Dye-Sub
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Price: $290

Okay, place your pitchforks down, the 100 Thieves-owned Higround Summit 65 are a 65% model, however it nevertheless keeps a sleek form component that only has a supplementary line of secrets for usability’s sake. It nevertheless has most of the great things about a 60% board.

At $290, the Higround Summit 65 oozes quality, this has a CNC aluminum instance, prelubed stabilizers, silicone dampeners, and a weighted metal medallion at the end, too. Obtainable in one of many colors, the Summit 65 feels incredible to kind and game on, specially using the stock switches. Nonetheless, it is possible to nevertheless modify virtually every part of this board. It’s a difficult price tag, however if you’ve got the money to splash using one of the most popular keyboard experiences in this kind element, you can’t actually make a mistake.

There are a few drawbacks, like the nonexistent computer software experience, with no QMK/VIA help. Nonetheless, we nevertheless like to form about it, since it seems a cut above almost every other panels.

Mountain Everest 60: the most effective 60% technical keyboard

The Mountain Everest 60 with BLUE RGB illuminating it on a Black mousepadDexerto

  • Switch type: Mountain Tactile 55, Linear 45, Linear 45 Speed
  • Keycaps: Double-shot PBT shine-through 
  • Connectivity: USB-C
  • Price: $139.99

when considering to value for your money, the Mountain Everest 60 really can not be beaten. Featuring Mountain’s own-brand switches, that are hot-swappable. The board additionally features silicone dampening, and a layout which includes arrow secrets, while keeping that perfect 60% design, too.

You’ll also need to wire that one up, too, but we actually adored this keyboard, because it ended up being such a great-feeling package directly from the package. It simply seems exceptional to kind and game on, so you nevertheless can modify it, unlike other, cheaper 60% panels online.

In our review, we called it the “Ultimate lightweight keyboard”, but still uphold those terms, since it simply has anything you could desire away from an excellent, affordable 60% keyboard.

Steelseries Apex professional Mini Wireless: the greatest cordless 60% keyboard

Steelseries Apex Pro Mini on pink backgroundDexerto

  • Switch type: Omnipoint 2.0
  • Keycaps: Double-shot PBT shine-through 
  • Connectivity: USB-C, 2.4Ghz wireless
  • Price: $239.99

For those looking one thing cordless, the SteelSeries Apex professional Mini Wireless would be the strategy to use. Featuring analog Omnipoint Adjustable switches like their larger bro, the cordless functionality this brings towards the dining table sets this independent of the remaining portion of the pack.

It has PBT keycaps, as well as most of the video gaming trimmings you might need to require. Because this is an analog board, just like the Wooting 60HE, it may need some creating, but we vow that it’ll be beneficial.

Royal Kludge RK61: the most effective spending plan 60% keyboard

Royal Kludge RK 61 on gradient backgroundDexerto

  • Switch type: Generic Red / Brown / Blue
  • Keycaps: Double-shot ABS shine-through 
  • Connectivity: USB-C
  • Price: $49.99

Who stated getting a keyboard needed to be costly? The Royal Kludge RK61 has hot-swappable switches, and includes almost everything you will need to allow you to get started in your 60per cent journey, or you only want to check out the design before investing in a far more costly board.

Like just about any other technical keyboard, its internals aren’t anything that unique, but because you can change the switches and keycaps with anything you want, it may be a fantastic board as possible alter to your heart’s content.

Really, it is cheap and cheerful, rendering it all challenging to make a mistake using this type of board.

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