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Nadeshot thought leaving OpTic was “biggest mistake" of his life

Nadeshot’s career with OpTic is pretty well known at this point and the content creator has opened up on his exit which he has cited as a “huge mistake.”

Matthew Haag is better known as Nadeshot and sprang to fame as one of the world’s most elite-level Halo players, before moving onto Gears of War, and eventually, the game that would make his career – Call of Duty.

He joined OpTic in 2010, one of the world’s top CoD teams, and would eventually go on to become the organization’s captain. Nadeshot stepped down from his playing role in 2015.

A year later, Nadeshot started his own esports org – 100 Thieves. The group has since become synonymous with esports, streaming, and content creation. But, despite this success, Nadeshot has revealed that he still regrets the way things ended with OpTic.

Nadeshot discussed OpTic exit and regret

During a stream on August 29, in which Nadeshot addressed the Froste controversy, the 100 Thieves CEO also moved onto the subject of OpTic.

It was believed that Nadeshot’s exit boiled down to several alleged factors such as not being given official co-ownership of OpTic as well as friction with other members of the organization.

“I left OpTic, regretted that for a long time,” Nadeshot said. “Not because I wasn’t making enough money, but because I spent so much time building something up with some of my closest friends my best friends, and I let money cloud my judgment.”

Nadeshot went on to say that in his younger years he felt he could’ve been earning more money and he felt that OpTic was “getting in the way of me actually securing my future in gaming, and I left, and I moved to LA, and I regretted that for a very, very long time.”

The owner of 100 Thieves also elaborated further on his company and how it saved him in the long run and helped to ease the pain of his OpTic regret.

“100 Thieves saved me from what I thought was the biggest mistake of my life. I love Hector (H3CZ) like a brother and Scump and a lot of those guys, MBoZe, I have a really close relationship still with them to this day, but I always felt like I f**ked up by leaving.”

It was rare to see a somber and serious demeanor from Nadeshot, but it offered some clarification and closure to a long-standing mystery for many fans of Nadeshot, OpTic, and 100 Thieves.

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