NBA 2K23 players need an overhaul of simple and easy “spammy” take mechanics

NBA 2K23 revamped shooting and dribbling, but community people argue it is time and energy to provide more attention to your take mechanic.

NBA 2K23 introduced a brand new shot meter and fancy brand new ability combinations, appeasing offensive-minded players, many community people want more attention on protection.

Players particularly want improvements built to the game’s steal mechanics.

Complaints over a lackluster take system aren’t anything brand new. In October, players laid out their frustrations over NBA 2K23’s “ridiculous” steal spam dilemmas. There was only 1 switch to take, which in turn causes players to spam it until they finally strip the opponent.

Fortunately, an innovative NBA 2K23 player offered an answer, handling the long overdue take system shortcomings.

2K SportsNBA 2K23 players want modifications towards the game’s steal system.

NBA 2K23 player proposes overhauled steal system

An NBA 2K23 player proposed on Reddit that “defenders should need certainly to pick which direction these are typically reaching manually.”

The individual argued players can perform a lob, normal, or bounce pass, while defenders just get one key to avoid all three kinds of passes. They reported, If players could flick the proper stick into the way they wished to take the ball, it might cause more practical steal circumstances.

“an individual key just isn’t enough for steal mechanics.”

One player proposed having one key for steals and another for intercepting a pass. “This would literally get rid of the random spammy happy steals that individuals have because they’d legit have actually to find the proper action for the existing situation.”

A 2nd played added, “I think including a lot more of an art and craft space to your protective mechanics is an excellent concept. Virtually Every OP auto mechanic into the game is notably balanced by the addition of more ability mechanics.”

The individual supported their claim by mentioning the dunk stick or shot timings centered on endurance. Securing steals behind one key sets an excessive amount of the action to opportunity in the place of ability from a person, leading to less of an art and craft gap.

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