New ultra-rare Wraith Heirloom ‘Voidwalker’ animation present in Season 16

A new extremely uncommon Wraith Heirloom animation that recommendations her alternative Voidwalker self from her lore happens to be found in Apex Legends Season 16.

Apex Legends Season 16 has finally arrived also it’s introduced a lot of fresh content for town to savor.

Whether it is the Nemesis AR, the TDM mode, or the redesigned Legend classes, it is safe to state Revelry has shaken up the meta.

Despite every one of these improvements, it’s Wraith’s Heirloom that’s getting the absolute most attention, since the Kunai’s animations appear to have been overhauled.

While every one of the brand new inspect interactions are amazing, an ultra-rare animation that recommendations Wraith’s background lore was found, also it’s leaving players speechless.

Wraith Apex LegendsRespawn EntertainmentWraith’s Heirloom received an overhaul in Apex Legends Season 16.

Rare Wraith Heirloom animation references her Voidwalker lore

With Revelry, Respawn has entirely reworked Wraith Kunai with a brand new look and a range of satisfying inspect animations.

However, as constantly, the devs have actually included a collection of acutely uncommon interactions, and as a result of Apex YouTuber Grrt, we are able to finally take a good look at the one that takes hours to trigger.

As showcased into the video clip, in place of taking out the Kunai on her behalf very own, Wraith is handed the tool by her alternative Voidwalker self.

The hand seems from a portal and pushes the Interdimensional Skirmisher to know the treasure tightly.

This animation directly references Wraith’s alternative Voidwalker self whom aided her escape the IMC detention center and learn how to pay attention to the sounds inside her mind.

If you intend to recharge your memory associated with the Interdimensional Skirmisher’s backstory, check out the ‘Voidwalker’ Stories through the Outlands video here.

It’s clear Respawn has placed plenty of work into this overhaul, so let’s wish more lore sources are incorporated into future Heirloom reworks.

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