Niantic just switched Pokemon get Kecleon bug into the state function

Pokemon Go fans have found that Niantic took a current bug surrounding the evasive Kecleon and managed to get the state feature.

Kecleon made its long-awaited first in Pokemon get from the beginning of 2023, and players liked its unique introduction towards the mobile monster-catching game.

To encounter Kecleon in Pokemon Go, players need to approach Pokestops and attempt to spin them. If a hidden Kecleon is present in the Pokestop, players need to spin it well of this Pokestop to engage it in battle.

Of program, Kecleon’s unique encounter technique wasn’t without its reasonable share of pests. Much to players’ shock, Niantic has really turned one of the most helpful pests into the state Pokemon Go function in a current change.

Niantic turns Kecleon bug into Pokemon Go feature

An eagle-eyed trainer on TheSilphRoad subreddit discovered an email from Niantic after the change. The note detailed the bug made Kecleon visible on Pokestops away from trainer’s radius in the event that Pokestop had been tapped on.

Instead of just eliminating the bug, Niantic applied the bug as an attribute within the game. Obviously, this will make Kecleon easier to get in the great outdoors and eliminates a number of the guesswork associated with searching for this invisible Pokemon.

Fans in the subreddit post had been overwhelmingly good towards the modification, with numerous saying this is one way Niantic should manage comparable pests later on.

“from the the way the ‘remember last ball utilized’ had been a bug, then it became an attribute. The best pests make wonderful features,” stated one trainer.

Others had been happy the function had been implemented after much frustration searching for Kecleon in the great outdoors usually. “Kecleon remains to be? I’ve seen one in most this time around. Tapped the stop also it dropped down and disappeared in to the ether. Good work Niantic!”

Considering this really isn’t the very first time an unintentionally helpful Pokemon Go bug had been changed into an attribute, players often see comparable cases of this later on. Ideally, this good small modification assists more trainers track down Kecleon while visiting Pokestops.

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