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Nikobaby Rumored to get back to Team SMG

Although Nikobaby currently indicated their your retirement through the expert scene, it appears he can be going back to Team SMG.

Even after significantly less than stellar outcomes from Asia Pacific Predator League 2022, Team SMG had been nevertheless thinking about Nikobaby. It was as a result of rumors that the group would continue in signing a contract with all the Bulgarian carry.

Should the contract be performed in the future, Nikobaby will be backtracking on their terms to retire.

The latest rumor had been spread by a nearby Filipino community Dota user. He previously connections with all the expert players in water area, which made him an “in-the-know”.

Initially, he stated that there is a person through the Philippines in Team SMG, which generated rumors about Nikobaby joining the group.

Fans had been using the leakages further by mentioning the entire roster of Team SMG it self. In addition to Nikobaby, Xavius can also be anticipated to join the group since the difficult help.

Most of those had been puzzled by Niko’s choice to go back towards the expert scene, even with claiming to retire.

However, many of them additionally comprehended he might nevertheless have a competitive drive. Niko’s latest experience with water region additionally ended on a higher note, attaining numerous things with Mineski and WG.Unity before joining Alliance.

His familiarity means adaptation won’t be necessary with all the present playstyle of water Dota.

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