Nvidia GeForce 526.86 driver upgrade: MW2 security, DLSS Super Resolution, more

Nvidia has launched the 526.86 GeForce Game set Driver change, which brings DLSS Super Resolution and Reflex to contemporary Warfare 2 alongside enhanced security and much more.

Alongside every major game launch is still another major GPU driver upgrade from both AMD and Nvidia, which supplies better help among other items.

Nvidia recently fixed problems with displays blinking on Call of Duty: contemporary Warfare 2, nevertheless now they’re straight back once more with an increase of security improvements among other items.

Here’s everything we realize in regards to the change, including exactly what it brings to your latest CoD game.

Nvidia GeForce Game set Driver 526.86

Here is every thing Nvidia is bringing to contemporary Warfare 2 because of the latest change:

  • Improved security
  • Solves image corruption dilemmas
  • Nvidia DLSS Super Resolution
  • Nvidia Reflex

This change is readily available for all GPUs involving the 700 Series towards the 40 show, along with the whole Titan series.

According to Nvidia’s website, DLSS Super Resolution boosts performance for many GeForce RTX GPUs simply by using an AI to production higher-resolution frames through a lower-resolution input. This may offer better graphical quality for gamers operating their game at less quality.

Nvidia Reflex normally arriving at contemporary Warfare 2 using this change, reducing system latency so that your actions happen faster, helping to make you more competitive in multiplayer matches, and makes single-player games more responsive therefore, enjoyable.

Between the 2 brand new Nvidia features and basic security repairs, gamers should truly update when they are able to.

In the meantime, head over to the technology part to get more news and product critiques.

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