OBS plugin makes switching Twitch clips into TikTok videos a piece of cake

Aitum’s new plugin for OBS enables streamers to immediately produce a straight form of their Twitch broadcasts, and produce videos of these for TikTok with only the hit of a key, no modifying needed.

Streaming is a hard pastime. Firstly you’ll want to invest tireless hours of real time broadcasting. Next, so that you can develop your channel and community, you’ve typically surely got to market on all kinds of social networking. Quite often for streamers, that’s by means of videos from their broadcasts, either by means of game play shows or hilarious moments.

However, using the increase of social networking such as for instance TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts, there’s been an ever-increasing dependence on creators to modify their content into a vertical type to raised suit the software of choice.

Fortunately, Aitum, a tiny pc software startup, has established a fresh plugin for OBS enabling for precisely that without the manual modifying needed.

Being announced on February 1, the organization unveiled Aitum Vertical, a plugin for OBS enabling content creators to basically produce a different preset of these flow and produce clips from this whenever you want during the press of a button.

You don’t have actually to modify TikToks again..A new OBS plugin called ????????made because i love u ??

— Harris Heller (@HarrisHeller) February 1, 2023

Content Creator Harris Heller took to Twitter to describe this new function.

Essentially, Aitum Vertical allows content creators to regulate a different straight scene alongside the primary scene that they’re currently making use of for streaming. This scene has to be configured by an individual but when put up, permits simple clipping during those highlight-worthy moments.

This straight scene may also be from the user’s primary scene, permitting it to check out the streamer along side whatever transitions they should undergo.

Vertical even offers a “backtrack” feature, allowing users to clip a lot of time ahead of the switch had been pushed. This will make it specially possible for content creators to clip their content before sharing it around on other social platforms like TikTok. This backtrack function is bound to a button permitting a person to immediately clip something that took place into the past due to their different social media marketing.

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