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Old G more likely to Qualify Effortlessly as Opponent Forfeits

The run of Old G at 2022 DPC WEU Tour 1: Closed Qualifier could be smoother than fans anticipate as their very first opponent forfeited.

Fans for the famous group Old G composed of numerous TI champions had been excited to see their team play once more. Nevertheless, their opponents continually forfeit as a result of unrelated reasons.

Therefore, fans hoped Old G’s next opponent, Team Blink, will never forfeit aswell.

The first forfeit win they received had been through the Open Qualifier last up against the ex-Ad Finem, Monaspa. Both groups decided that the Open Qualifier seeding doesn’t matter, and Monaspa decided to a forfeit.

Old G continued towards the Closed Qualifier and received the Top Seed They were then expected to start the shut Qualifier by dealing with LeClassique 2.0.

However, in the place of having a thrilling match for the fans, they encountered just one more forfeiture. This time around, LeClassique also went along to forfeit their Lower Bracket match also, effortlessly eliminating by themselves through the qualifier.

With the forfeit, Old G would turn to play against Team Blink, whenever they maybe not forfeit their games aswell.

Team Blink by themselves contains several future Tier 2 players without any history yet. They were able to be eligible for the Closed Qualifier by winning the 3rd Open Qualifier regarding the 2022 WEU DPC.

As they certainly were in a position to beat many groups before, Old G would nevertheless have to be prepared before dealing with the up-and-coming team.

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