Overwatch 2 accused of "punishing" champions by placing Grand Masters in Silver games

Overwatch 2 players think they’ve discovered a large reason they continue steadily to have unbalanced competitive matches also it boils down to win streaks.

Since its launch, Overwatch 2’s new rated mode happens to be blasted by players in every kinds of ELOs for placing them in entirely uneven games. Also streamers like Dr Disrespect have actually called out of the competitive mode for just how it ranks users.

We’ve seen countless incidents where Bronze players appear in Top 500 lobbies, but things have actually started to achieve a boiling point in Season 2.

With rated experts talking about the system’s faults, it appears as though they’ve discovered a potential culprit for why their games were extremely hard once they winnings matches.

Blizzard EntertainmentOverwatch 2’s rated system will be blasted by players.

Overwatch 2’s ranked system accused of creating matches harder

In a number of articles across Reddit and Twitter, Overwatch 2 players unveiled their battles using the competitive ladder.

For instance, one player unveiled that a gamer with a “Top 500 Challenger” name and a Silver-ranked teammate arrived in a Platinium-level lobby.

Another explained just how after happening a significant win streak with good teammates, things got much more hard once they destroyed just one game.

“Then after losing just one single game (it absolutely was close), we instantly had to end and stay nevertheless in the front of Ana to have heals. She couldn’t strike me personally while I became going,” the player stated. “The ability differentials between everyone else in one single game plus the next is wholly crazy. I’ve never seen such big variations in any multiplayer PVP game I’ve ever played.”

Twitch streamer ‘Phyerx’ recalled an identical experience, remarking just how, “Everytime I’m on a big win streak on Overwatch Blizzard will put plat-gold players on my group as though they’re purposely making me personally remain my exact same rank.”

“This game 100% punishes you for winning. We required 1 winnings after 6 games and now -5 games because of matchmaking suddenly,” she added, demanding that Blizzard fix their game.

I never also think the total amount with this game is also THAT bad compared to matchmaking and I also do not see sufficient people speak about it. It’s NOT fair. Proper. I will never be penalized for playing well or winning. No Body should EVER.

— Nad (@Phyerx) December 19, 2022

In the feedback, other people consented. “This has really been my precise experience. Literally 6 win streak in Masters 3 as a GM PLAYER then a 17-game loss streak with plats on my group?”

While the Overwatch 2 devs have actuallyn’t commented on should this be the way the matchmaker works, the group has stated they do intend on creating enhancements to the rated expertise in future updates.

There’s no indicator of whenever those modifications to competitive play goes real time, however with players growing increasingly frustrated, we could just hope that some big updates are implemented prior to later on.

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