Overwatch 2 players are breaking brand new Antarctica map by fishing way too much

Overwatch 2’s brand new Antarctic Peninsula map is enduring an overfishing issue early on in Season 3, one which has nearly been breaking games.

Overwatch 2’s newest control map arrived with all the launch of Season 3. The frosty brand new control map happens regarding the Antarctic Peninsula, detailed with penguins, fishing, and snowfall.

The brand new map features three various points to fully capture, in addition to penguins that may be shot at. There’s also a brand-new fishing mini-game, that allows players to fire at fishing holes to score fish because of their group.

It seems that Overwatch 2 players are enjoying fishing a little a lot of, however. Therefore much such that it’s nearly been crashing games. Players can see that the quantity of seafood you receive is dependant on the harm or bullets you’ve fired, meaning heroes like D.Va and Bastion definitely do well at dredging up seafood.

Players recognized which they could all play Bastion and fire during the fishing spot simultaneously, causing public of fish popping out.

This appears all fine and dandy, as fishing is definitely super enjoyable, and seeing all of the fish travel out from the fishing opening is amusing. That is unless you recognize that the seafood cause terrible FPS dilemmas for those included.

Due towards the wide range of of the latest artistic assets being dredged up by the heroes, the overall game is not quite in a position to maintain and absolutely demolishes everyone’s framerates. It’s uncertain if the framework price problem just does occur for anyone included or if it impacts everyone else regarding the map. In cases like this, maybe it’s mistreated by players who’re wanting to manipulate the overall game for his or her advantage, like the bug which was entirely on Junker Town.

It’s perhaps not particular that Blizzard is likely to be seeking to alter this fishing mini-game anytime soon, however, if this exploit gets to be more extensive, Blizzard may need to part of with this one.

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