Overwatch 2 players demand "faster" balancing repairs as 'one-shot' heroes operate rampant

Members associated with the Overwatch 2 community are calling down Blizzard for the ‘slow’ speed of which they’ve been working through hero balancing, with numerous on Reddit expressing their frustration at the way the game continues to be enduring major balancing dilemmas months after launch.

With Overwatch 2 now entering its very first complete 12 months available on the market, designer Blizzard is difficult at work renovating in-game pests, problems, as well as other dilemmas following the game first dropped back October 2022. 

And while a lot of OW2’s game-breaking problems have because been solved, the sequel continues to be dealing with backlash from players when it comes to balancing dilemmas between heroes and matches. A new Reddit thread, “OW2 requirements faster balancing” has users again describing the way they wish Blizzard is fast to repair several of the most alarming dilemmas.

“I’m Masters on DPS, and I’m fed up with going against figures we don’t have a way of working with as a complete part,” started the first post, before you go on to add that, “I can’t contest Roadhog, we can’t do just about anything [against]it. Yes, the modifications are coming but we’ve suffered a complete season…It’s reached the stage where it is possible to regularly have a precise mirror match, with perhaps one or two variants – simply because why perform other things when it is likely to be difficult countered by the exact same [characters] on the group who’re constantly chosen.”

The post then went into information about how precisely specific figures, like Widowmaker, are becoming extremely difficult to complement up against too. “What’s my counter to Widow? Choose Widow and headshot her straight back. That’s all there clearly was to it. Nothing else reliably contests Widowmaker. I’m getting so incredibly unfortunate realizing essential the next tank part would be to the total amount of [Overwatch]. And before anybody claims simply get good, the main reason Masters players are playing widow is basically because she’s good character.”

Other Overwatch players quickly started flooding the thread with suggested statements on how exactly to help rework these balancing dilemmas. One individual explained exactly how, “we’re seeing a great deal of Widows as a result of several facets, her wellness pool, the restricted maps, while the terrible match-making. Doing the changes you’re suggesting would see things return to the way they had been, with Widow maybe not being an issue at all.”

Another described exactly how “Genji, Sombra, after which Doom and Tracer all being greatly nerfed after their particular times to shine additionally actually contributes to this.” Time will tell exactly how so when Blizzard addresses these Overwatch 2 balancing problems but we’ll keep you posted right here with any brand new developments.

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