Overwatch 2 professional explains why Cassidy's ult misses so usually

An Overwatch 2 professional, Marblr, has revealed why Cassidy’s Deadeye final seemingly misses so usually, even when it signifies an immediate headshot, and the way the deceptive immediate can happen. 

Have you ever ever used Cassidy’s Deadeye and one way or the other missed a shot that ought to have hit the enemy’s head? Effectively, Marblr, an professional on Overwatch 2’s mechanics, determined to discover it and clarify all of it in a brand new video

Deadeye is the identify of the ult for Cassidy, and it has been the topic of many complicated missed pictures. The ult basically locks on to 6 targets in your line of sight and headshots them. Nonetheless, not all goes to plan while you pull the set off.

How does Deadeye miss in Overwatch 2?

As Marblr explains, to grasp why it misses a lot, you first should know what hardpoints are. Hardpoints are invisible attachment factors on character fashions the place objects will be connected to. There are numerous ones on every Hero, akin to in your nametag, weapon, and mouth for voice strains. 

Cassidy’s ult makes use of these hardpoints, in accordance with the professional. Deadeye makes use of three totally different hardpoints on the enemy mannequin to find out if a goal is shootable.

The hardpoints it makes use of are situated on the chest (named hardpoint 1), one other barely above the chest, and lastly close to the knees. It additionally makes use of a hardpoint on the top of the mannequin, but it surely’s just for the indicator. 

Youtube: MarblrJust as a result of there’s a cranium indicator, doesn’t imply the shot will hit.

The issue is, Deadeye solely wants one in every of these hardpoints to be in line of sight, which can set off the indicator for a headshot. And to truly deal harm, you want to have the ability to shoot at hardpoint 1.

This implies a cranium indicator on Deadeye doesn’t lead to a assured hit on the goal every time. 

Deadeye can nonetheless miss point-blank targets

So the repair is easy proper? Simply ensure an enemy is in full view. However even then, as Marblr demonstrated, you’ll be able to nonetheless miss a shot on an open goal.

In it, he reveals examples of the ult lacking point-blank targets. Comparable to a Mercy flying within the open, a Sojourn sliding, Lucio wallride, or Cassidy rolling away. The reason being an odd combination of latency points and hardpoint resets, of which Marblr himself even admits to not totally understanding. 

However the common gist is that when an enemy immediately strikes, their hardpoint which Deadeye goals for quickly strikes together with them. In the event you had near zero ping, you’ll all the time have the ability to hit the shot on the transferring goal. However not everyone seems to be so fortunate with their connection.

Youtube: MarblrIt could look like Cassidy’s Deadeye hit the flying Mercy, however in actuality, it fully missed.

If in case you have something above 60ms of ping, the possibilities of you hitting the shot considerably lower as a result of 60-millisecond delay of your enter. Your authentic shot will almost definitely hit the place the hardpoint initially was, and the chances are stacked in opposition to you, much more, the upper your ping goes. 

So what’s the answer? Effectively, Marblr recommends to simply not use Deadeye when you might have excessive ping. In truth, he counsel not even utilizing it to shoot anybody, simply use it for its immediate reload.

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