PMPL SEA Championship Fall League chatting points before Week 3 – Week 3

The autumn period for the Southeast Asian Championship is underway. As yet, fourteen days of this league phase have actually ended, and the rest will likely be shifted through the last week towards the essential last week. This can determine that are 16 groups who can advance towards the Finals of this SEA Championship.

The PMPL water Championship goes on Sundays through the 28 and 23 sept. Your competition has a prize pool of 200,000. The most truly effective five groups will compete for the Cellphone World Championship (PMGC) in 2022.

PMPL water Fall League Stage: The scoreboard after Week 2 is prepared for the exam.

The league phase of this PMPL water Championship is complicated. In all the three days, groups make bonuses considering their positions for the reason that week.

the group most abundant in bonuses after three days will probably advance towards the PMPL Grand Finals. Plus, these bonus points will carry over in to the grand final, so specific groups has an excellent lead following the last of this competition.

The bonus is short for Week 2: “Byeve.”

  • The Unavoidable: 36 points.
  • cash! 36 points.
  • TEM Entertainment: 36 points.
  • FaZe claim: 32 points.
  • Vampire esports: 30 points.
  • ShineLeikeDiamond: 28 points.
  • GIDS to the Genesis Dogma: 26 points.
  • DIFFERENT guy, 25 points.
  • Yoodo Alliance: 22 points.
  • Geek Fam: 22 points
  • Buriram United Esports: 22 points.
  • Esports FFT: 19 points.
  • Dxavier: 17 points.
  • Eagle Esport: 15 points.
  • SEM9: 13 points.
  • WYODE: 11 points.
  • BN UNI: Seven points:
  • Boxing: Six points
  • Don’t beat dreams with three points.
  • at the top of this dining table, Thai dominance ended up being complete.

    in the last 12 months it became clear that Thailand is now among the best areas for international competition.

    That is something which ended up being exhibited during the SEA Championship. The PMPL is a company in which all of the Thai groups compete for the most effective five spots.

    a difficult battle is up for grabs.

    because the competition and PMGC will likely be selected the cornerstone of this grand last, winning the league phase is a large boost of self-confidence and in addition provides the groups extra bonus points.

    Since enduring 3D, Infinity, Bacon Time, and TEM Entertainment are associated with bonus points. FaZe Clan, Vampire Esports and ShineLike Diamond are perhaps not far behind, correspondingly, at 32, 30, and 28, correspondingly.

    It’s certainly likely to be an extensive last week.

    Who’ll be eradicated into the league?

    you can find 20 groups contending into the league, but just 16 into the grand finals.

    After three days, the underside four groups with all the cheapest bonus points will likely be eradicated. Presently, they’re 4Rivals, BN United, Box Gaming, and Dont Break goals.

    your competitors is not over for them, because they should be able to undergo for the grand last after an excellent last week. All four groups are impressive within their local leagues, and fans will certainly be hoping they’ll show up in Week 3 – they’ll certainly be impressive.

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    Where could I view the PMPL Final Week 3?

    PMPL has been broadcast real time by the state PUBG Cellphone Esports Twitter, YouTube and Tiktok stations in Vietnamese, English, Malay, Indonesian and Thai. The last week will require place from october 12 to 16 o’clock. The most truly effective 16 teams undertake the grand finals through the 21 to 23 oct.

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