Pokemon get players convinced Chinese Spy Balloon is element of Team Rocket Takeover occasion

Pokemon Go players have theorized that the Chinese Spy Balloon spotted flying over Montana is part of the game’s Team Rocket Takeover occasion.

On February 3, 2023, an unidentified balloon had been seen flying high within the state of Montana. A video clip captured and provided by a civilian has since gone viral, while the balloon apparently carried high-tech surveillance gear.

The U.S. military has granted a statement, claiming the unit become a “high-altitude surveillance balloon” launched by Asia. But, China’s foreign ministry claims the balloon is a civilian research airship mainly utilized for meteorological purposes which had just deviated definately not its planned course.

But Pokemon get players share an alternate concept. Trainers find it too coincidental that a “Spy Balloon” showed up within the U.S. really days following the Team GO Rocket Takeover event began.

Chinese Spy Balloon or Team get Rocket?

The Team Go Rocket Takeover event began on February 1 and promised the regular look of Team GO Rocket balloons within the game. But two times following its begin, a “surveillance balloon” was spotted soaring through the skies of IRL Montana.

Pokemon Get players didn’t hesitate to jump during the possibility to draw an evaluation. “Team Rocket think they slick,” Reddit individual suttleb captioned a photoshopped form of a Team Go Rocket balloon, changing the aircraft aided by the one spotted in Montana.

Another individual posted an unedited version of a Team Go Rocket balloon and claimed, “When you’re in Montana.” To which a few remarks reported they “got the reference.”

Lastly, individual SlappyNinja posted the particular picture for the Chinese Balloon aided by the caption, “Is this simply a coincidence? or perhaps is Team Rocket Invading IRL???” a person within the remarks posted a hyperlink resulting in the LeekDuck web page detailing the group GO Rocket Takeover occasion.

But it didn’t add any information about IRL balloons.

This conjecture is all enjoyable and games, particularly because the Chinese federal government has advertised the unit comes from their nation.

whilst the aircraft is merely a coincidence this time around, perhaps Niantic will likely be encouraged to deliver up a genuine Team Rocket balloon for future Pokemon get occasions.

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