Pokemon get trainers slam Niantic for Adventure Sync dilemmas in front of worldwide Hoenn Tour

Pokemon Go trainers have actually taken to Reddit to slam Niantic over problems with Adventure Sync no longer working simply times in front of the international Hoenn Tour occasion.

It’s the period of the year, Pokemon Go is scheduled to introduce its latest region-focused worldwide occasion to the game: Hoenn Tour.

Niantic started the main focus on Hoenn area with a Las Las vegas occasion, however it finished with players enraged during the number of dilemmas encountered.

Trainers seem to be finding problems with the future worldwide occasion, this time around regarding egg-locked regional Pokemon and ongoing problems with Adventure Sync.

Pokemon Get trainers slam Niantic over Adventure Sync dilemmas

On February 20, Redditor absolutelymundanity posted their issues regarding the Silph path subreddit. Within the message, they asked if Niantic had recognized the ongoing problems with Adventure Sync monitoring ahead associated with international Hoenn Tour occasion.

“I’m perhaps not traveling to Asia only for a shiny Torkoal. Why egg-lock them in the event that game is broken? Without Adventure Sync, we won’t have the ability to clear my egg stack not to mention hatch eggs in the time. As my application will likely to be available the majority of the time, on that day it is perhaps not the greatest issue but really, what’s going on,” they asked.

“Have they also acknowledged the difficulties? We cannot find such a thing on the ‘known bugs’ web page. Have always been we lacking one thing right here?”

During the big event, local Pokemon will likely to be locked behind eggs which is harder to hatch without Adventure Sync working correctly.

Others quickly flooded the post making use of their ideas, collectively slamming Niantic for the present dilemmas along the way.

“Do they care? Lost my adventure sync regular egg bc it didn’t register my kilometer stepped and couldn’t hatch my egg over time. Exceedingly sad,” one individual said.

Another responded: “Nope Niantic’s response keeps it’s you issue, maybe not an us issue….. Please check always your settings.”

Niantic has yet to answer the ongoing problems with Adventure Sync monitoring distance stepped, so we’ll have actually to attend to see if such a thing is performed ahead of the worldwide Hoenn Tour occasion.

In the meantime, mind up to our Pokemon get part for lots more news and guides.

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